Sunday, January 12, 2014

Garden Gacha - City Gal

No more will I look around and wonder how it all began
No more will I look around for you
Flex a muscle
Turn a light on
In your blind spot
What's the time fox?
Thinking clearly
Stepping up and over

And baby, I don't wonder why
You feel I remind you of...
And baby, I don't wonder why
I hit the ground running everytime

But gee, I get rush
I get shivers inside when you call
Let it all unfold
Let it show, Fortune
You'll be a city girl
And saying goodbye to the sweet simple life that you knew
Ooh hoo, toodaloo
It's true
You're through
Through with the old world.

Garden Gacha
Mouth Accessory :: POMPOSITY :: Mouth Chain w/ Handcuff
Mesh Shirt :: Endorphin :: Buckled strap top cross - RARE
Mesh Skirt :: [d.l.s.] :: PR :: purple plaid schoolgirl skirt
Mesh Shoes :: Drbc :: Sydney shoes - Stars

Other items 
Hair :: Exile :: Already Gone - Sear
Pose :: Eternal Dream Pose :: - # 8

Garden Gacha items are only available to buy from this LOCATION for 1 month than they no longer are available. Some designers may choose to sell their items afterwards in their stores but there is no guarantee. Good luck!

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