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Thank you for expressing interest in my work. If you are in need of a blogger and are considering on having me be part of your team the best way to reach me is via email which is listed above. Penelo Faith is the only owner of "Beauty and the Dork", any others claiming to be part of my blog is incorrect. I do have a male model whom will post under me. Designers will be provided his information from me alone.  Only active sponsors are on my sponsor pages. Down below is a list of my correct list of sponsors there might be more on it than my sponsor pages because I give some of my sponsors time to get back on track before I place them as inactive and completely remove them. Events I partake in are on a separate tab. I might change this in the future but for the moment that is my layout. 

About Me
My official original start date in Second Life is 2007. So yes I have been around longer than what my avatar lets on. I have seen our virtual world evolve as I grow along with it. When I am not blogging or shopping, you will find me hanging around the house playing krafties, spending time with my Second Life family and friends or role playing. I am really big into role play. Harry Potter fan! Hufflepuff house cause I'm loyal like a badger! Though I must say I love Prof. Snape "Always" and can't forget I'm a pirate wench at heart. Aye!

Beauty and the Dork preference is more towards fantasy items or PG appropriate fashion. I do not post items that reveal private parts. I am more of a reserve person, so respectfully I will decline items of that nature. I post 1-2 times a week. Normally during the week I am active on Second Life during 3pm SLT to about 8pm SLT. I do have a full time job in Real (you know my first life), so I do get busy at times and can't make it online. That does not mean that I am unreachable. My Second Life account is synced to my email and my Second Life Facebook is on my phone, so I am constantly checking when I have the time. I am unavailable Sundays 5pm - 8pm because my tv shows Once Upon a time and Walking Dead are on.... so that is Pen time! I might make an exception but it better be good reason! I blog for fun and I intend to keep it that way.

What I blog
  • Female Fashion (Primary)
  • Home/Garden and Furnishing 
  • Male Fashion
  • Toddleedoo /Tweeneedoo Fashion 
Photoshop Elements 10 
Photoshop CS6

Current Events/Sponsors
  • B Barbie Style :: Designer/Owner :: Bitchbarbie Resident 
  • BluPrintz :: Designer/Owner :: Mirajai Maven
  • Buglets :: Designer/Owner :: Elli Kenin
  • FacePalm :: Designer/Owner ::Taliah Darwin
  • Flrn Baby :: Designer/Owner :: Florina Phelan
  • Flrn Designs :: Designer/Owner :: Florina Phelan
  • Frogstar :: Designer/Owner :: Ravenna Rossini
  • Once Upon A Toy :: Designer/Owners :: Ravenlynn Templar & Landon Edenbaum
  • Oxi (Original Mesh) :: Designer/Owner :: Zuleicca
  • Rowena's Design :: Designer/Owner :: Rowena Spingflower
  • ZOZ :: Designer/Owner :: Zozicon Resident //Blogger Manager ::  Ember Adored
Past Events/Sponsors
  • A Moment's Beauty :: Designer/Owner Inactive
  • Allergic To Pink :: Event Coordinator :: Lil Afterthought 
  • Aericas Boutique :: Designer Inactive
  • Big Dreams :: Event Coordinator ::Violet Steamweaver 
  • Candy Events Hunts :: Event Coordinator :: Princess Briand
  • Crow :: Designer/Owner :: Mattie Rae
  • Destocking :: Event Coordinator :: Uklea Resident :: Event Temp Inactive
  • Final Fantasy Festival 2014 :: Event Temp Inactive
  • Fi's Creations :: Designer/Owner :: Fiona Scorfield//Blogger Manager :: Mariana Brentley
  • Fi's Hunt :: Designer/Owner :: Fiona Scorfield (Designer Inactive)
  • Flippant :: Designer/Owner :: Wistful Mactavish (My Blogger Status Inactive)
  • Funny Puppet Fair :: Event Temp Inactive
  • Posh Pixels :: Designer/Owner :: VampirePam Resident (Pam) // Blogger Manager :: Apollo770 Resident 
  • Pre-Release Gatcha Garden :: Event Permanently Closed
  • Little Stars :: Designer/Owner :: Llily Sugarplum (My Blogger Status Inactive)
  • Lumiere :: Designer/Owner :: Lumia VanDouser :: Designer Temp Inactive
  • Mooh! :: Designer/Owner :: Designer (Previously Firebird Design) 
  • K-Pie :: Designer/Owner :: Kelpie Snowbear
  • Shadow Moon :: Designer Inactive
  • Tic Tot Toe :: Designer/Owner :: Late Billig (My Blogger Status Inactive)
  • The Bargain Barn :: Event Permanently Closed
  • The Collage :: Event Permanently Closed
  • The Hellish Diva :: Designer/Owner :: KarolinQue Resident//Blogger Manager :: Anita Bauleri
  • Tomga :: Designer/Owner :: Marinestella Resident (Brand Name Changed to Toiz) 
  • Toiz :: Designer/Owner :: Marinestella Resident (My Blogger Status Inactive)
  • UTNG (Up To No Good) Designer/Owner :: Lovableblue123 Resident :: Designer Temp Inactive
  • Vicarious Youth :: Designer/Owner :: Violet Steamweaver (My Blogger Status Inactive)
  • We Love To Blog :: Collaborative Blogger Group (Various Designers) 

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My Facebook Page ::
My Flikr ::
My Tumblr ::
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30+ Facebook Feeds :: Located on main page
5 Syndicated Feeds :: Located on main page

Currently Seeking

Accessories/Cosmetics/Jewelry ((Hair! I'd love to have least 1 hair sponsor))
Men's Fashion
Toddleedoo clothes 
Women's Fashion 

Preferences :: Aztec, Biker, Boho, Chic, Classic, Couture, Country, Everyday appeal, Evening gowns, Earthy, Fantasy, Fawn, Flapper, Feminine, Gamine, Geek chic, Glam, Gypsy, Kawaii, Medieval, Nautical, Neko, Lolita, Oriental, Satyr, School Girl(prep), Sporty, Steampunk, Tomboy, Victorian, Vintage & Western

Possible :: Cyborg, Cyberpunk, Equestrian, Futuristic, Gothic, Grunge, Hippie, Military, Native American, Psychedelic & Urban

Avoid :: Complete Nudity & Lingerie (This includes underwear)

Please advise me before sending me a group invite, so that I may be sure to have a group space available for you. Any questions or concerns you can send them to my primary email located at the top or you can leave me an offline. All my offline messages go directly to my primary email. I will always get back to designers/creators with a yes or no answer as to accepting your sponsorship. For male fashion and accessories, I have 2 male models working under me, one is a permanent model and the other occasionally helps me. My primary model's information will be provided if "Beauty and the Dork" is accepted into your blogger group. Any questions or concerns should be directed to me, and me alone. If you haven't heard from me within two days most likely I didn't receive your message, so please try again. I would love to hear from you.  ^.^ 

-Penelo Faith
Beauty and the Dork

Last updated on 01/01/2016


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