Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Blues

So my lovelies. This summer has been not the best summer for me. I've done a lot of thinking past few days as I was getting this post together. I thought of my old adventures as former me (my old avatar). How I use to host at clubs and DJ. Than I stepped back from all that disappeared (left SL for some time). During those times I was almost always in a crowd but still felt very lonely. That former me passed away you could say and the new me came around. Things got better for a while. I still have my fair share of roller coaster rides. But here I am sitting on the beach thinking and my heart can't help but feel sorrow.  Do not fear though. Even in my sorrow I have some amazing things for you all! Some great things for your beaches. So be sure to grab a few before summer comes to an end. Today's song was so easy to pick. As I was reminiscing at how awesome and sexy of a DJ I was -laughs at myself- I remember a song my mentor would play at the club all the time. I loved the melody of it. Sooooo soothing. The lyrics not so much. Didn't have a man problem back than. Was flying solo. But please do enjoy the song! Its an oldie but beautiful. Sorry for the sorrowful tone but you can't know great happiness without suffering great sorrow. Just need to keep my chin up. I somehow always manage regardless if its with friends/family or alone. I am just to strong to be overcome. Besides I have a lot more to be thankful for than most.

* Appearance *
Hair :: Oleander ::  Honeydew. Brunette Tones @ The Hair Fair
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Mokatana - Jamaica 01 F
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Mesh Hands and Feet :: Slink 
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Liquid Pink French (slink) @ Cosmopolitan

* Apparel *
Outfit :: Flippant :: Beach Bum (Group Gift)

* Accessories/Decor *
Furniture :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Air Mattress Blue @ Oh My Gacha
Furniture :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Air Mattress Pink @ Oh My Gacha
Decor :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Sandcastle Couples @ Oh My Gacha
Decor :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Palm 1 @ Oh My Gacha
Decor :: {ZOZ} ::The Beach Palm 3 @ Oh My Gacha
Decor :: {ZOZ} ::The Beach Island *RARE Oh My Gacha

* NOTE * 
{ZOZ} you have bombarded us with lots of Summer goodies...oh my gosh. Let me tell you there is so much more than what I have posted. Most of these great items come in lots of different colors. From the chairs to the towels to the buckets. Lots to choose from. As for the polish they look like they have little drops of water on them and range mainly in pink to purple tones.
Mom and Pop's Shop has both single and couple animations great for a lazy day on the water. I didn't have my partner in crime on to help me take pictures of the couple animations but I assure you they have a cute one! Kinda wishing I was still on that raft basking in the sunlight - sighs -
Flippant has a great summer gift... maybe the shorts are too short for me to be walking around in public but they are perfect for the beach and walking around the house. And yes ladies it doesn't show crack. I don't know about you but I don't like it when my crack is out <.< More photos below of all the goodies as well as more links! Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings ^.^ and keep your eye on the horizons for better days.
Cosmopolitan July 19th - Aug 1st 2015
Oh My Gacha July 10th - July 31st 2015
* Accessories/Decor *
Furniture :: Mom and Pop's Shop :: Murika Raft Hearts @ Allergic to Pink
Furniture :: {ZOZ} ::The Beach Gazebo *RARE Oh My Gacha
Furniture :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Chair Cream @ Oh My Gacha
Furniture :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Fire Table @ Oh My Gacha
Decor :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Double Curve Path @ Oh My Gacha
Furniture :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Towel Red @ Oh My Gacha
Furniture :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Towel Green @ Oh My Gacha
Decor :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Water Bucket Pink @ Oh My Gacha
Decor :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Sand Bucket Blue @ Oh My Gacha
Decor :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Water Bucket Red @ Oh My Gacha
Decor :: {ZOZ} :: The Beach Sandcastle Couples @ Oh My Gacha

Monday, July 20, 2015

Aliana And The 40 Scammers

  "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" - William Congreve
In each of my hands I hold a skull of a scammer. Perhaps its truly only one skull and the other is an alt. To many alts in this world. There is nothing wrong with in alt honestly unless you are using it to hurt someone. So two skulls I hold in the palm of my hands. As you see both a very dead to me. Dead men tell no tales so they won't be able to tell. But here I am skull in hand and I'm ready to show you.

Ok so today's post is actually a rant as well as passing along some knowledge that might be helpful to a few of you. Specifically to help land renters of Second Life. I learned a few things this past Sunday. We all look for good places to rent at affordable or cheaper rates. Now well all know there are con-artists and scammers. Of course you try you best to avoid being dragged into such situations. I mean who really wants to be scammed or ripped off? Not me I'll tell you that much.
 So currently the land I live on changed owners (after living there for 5 months). I was skeptic at first but well everything was fine... Well fine until another owner change another 4 months later.. So than I get a message stating I need to pay for land. Excuse me?! I still have time on my rental and you want me to pay over so I can keep my land? I don't freakin' think so! To make matters worse I learn that I am not renting directly from the land owner. I am SUB- RENTING. Meaning the owner is renting to someone who in turn is renting to me. So you can't file a ticket against morons like this because if the REAL land owner wishes to kick you they can because they have no agreement with you in the first place. 

So morale of the story don't rent from sub renters unless you know you can trust them (Such as popular well known companies). Now in my case scenario I didn't rent from that idiot but got handed over to one. I wasn't even aware I was "Sub-Renting". So to all the lovely people in this world please be sure to look into this. Now I am not saying renting directly means you won't be scammed. But it's a whole hell lot easier to file a ticket with Linden Labs against the actual land owner than someone who is renting from someone else. Pretty much becomes your word against theirs and the Real Land owner doesn't care unless they get paid. 
How do you check who is the true land owner? Under your Covenant there will be the Estate Name and under that will say Owner. The name next to that. That's the person you truly want to deal with. Or with that person's company. 
To be placed in such situations its a horrible feeling and just so frustrating. I don't wish to share the name of the parties involved cause I don't want to give them any publicity whats so ever. And as I stated before....Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But if you want to learn more about this feel free to get a hold of me and I will explain as best as I can all that I have learned! I'm taking this negative and I'm going to turn it into a positive - End  of Rant - Now for some goodies ^.^ since I was a bit inspired to the dark side today!
* Appearance *
Hair :: Magika :: [01] No
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Mokatana - Jamaica 07 F
Mesh Hands :: Slink 
Beauty Marks :: [THD] :: Beauty Spots v2

* Apparel / Accessories  *
Horns :: BluPrintz :: Lilith's Horns @ Genre- The Underworld
Attachable Decor :: BluPrintz :: Cursed Skulls 
Flower :: Artilleri :: Hibi hair flower - Red
Outfit :: Facepalm :: Help @ What The Goth
Tail :: c( TC ) :: Short Fuzzy Tail
Socks :: Epoch :: Gremory socks - black (slink appliers) @ Manga Fair 2015

** Note **
Ok so new event coming to town! And you get obviously a sneak preview of one of the exclusives for the event! So Facepalm outfit includes :: Necklace, Bracelets, Shirt, Skirt and shoes! It will be part of an event called "What The Goth" The event will be opening up Friday so be sure go check it out. Lots of goodies in store!
BluPrintz Cursed Skulls come in attachments of 1, 2 or 3 skulls at a time.
The socks come in a few color options and as for the tail... I sort of flipped it around. Normally it hangs down but I kinda wanted a fawn looking tail so I turn it around. It is animated and sways a bit Until next time my lovelies Happy Shoppings ^.^

What The Goth July 24th 2015
Manga Fair 2015 July 19th - 9th August 2015
Genre- The Underworld  Starts July 15th - August 12th 2015

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Camping At The Beach

Ok so more camping at the beach! My how I have grown - sticks her tongue out - So long time coming! I'd like to officially introduce Vicarious Youth. This designer focuses mainly on Young children clothes. A great example is this romper that fits regular child avatars as well as Tweenedoo. 
Yes yes another face to Penni! Let me tell you do I got a story for you all! Just it's not going to be on this post. Nope nope nope it's going to be a very very angry post <.< well maybe I might get over it or I might not. But regardless of what happens tomorrow there is something I learned today that I want to give back to the community! At least for the adults! Or should I say anyone who rents land... Any hoots back to the happy joys of summer and enjoying the beach and camping! So if you kiddos haven't gotten your tents and sleeping bags here are a few you might just need to check out. Enjoy the tunes! - sings quietly as she sun tans - Oh great I can see it now I am going to be a lobster ....
* Appearance *
Mesh Hair :: Magika :: [01] Shade
Mesh Head :: Cute Bytes :: Mesh Head #3 - JULIA
Mesh Body / Shape :: Cute Bytes :: TweeneeDoo - YoungGirl (v.0.2)
Face Tattoo :: Buglets :: Sunburn 

* Apparel *
Outfit :: {V*Y} :: Marine Rompers @ Le Petit Faire
Necklace :: BAMSE :: Loyalty Necklace - Puzzle (R) * RARE
Bracelet :: {V*Y} :: Fun Allergies Arm Bands

* Accessories / Decor * 
Furniture :: [OUAT] :: Pup Tent (boy)  *RARE
Furniture :: [OUAT] :: Sleeping Bag - Kitty
Furniture :: [OUAT] :: Sleeping Bag - Foxxie

** NOTE **
More goodies for the summer as you can see. Now a small breakdown of what you are getting!
Buglets Sunburn is made for both regular avatars as well as Cute Bytes Mesh Heads. Please be aware they only work with the mesh heads that allow Tattoo Layers. The Sunburn ranges in shades as well as there are several colors of sunblock you can choose.
Vicarious Youth has some adorable rompers as well for regular kid avatars as well as for the TweeneeDoo mesh body that I am using. There are 6 commons as well as 2 rares to collect. As for the bracelets there are a total of 22 bracelets to collect. All kinds for everyone! Not just the Tweens but also fun for kids, teens and adults!
And let's not forget Once Upon A Toy. With adorable tents and sleeping bags. Which have several animations. Let me tell you I know what my new favorite sleeping bag is now. - starts singing what does the fox say - Until next time kiddos keep on shopping! ^.^ well at least until your piggy bank goes broke!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mini Post - Beach Fun

Camping at the beach! YAY! Now two things everyone loves to do in the summer! Here is two for one! A beach tent and a lantern full of fireflies! Let's not forget after a day of fun in the sun we are going to need to take our nap. Though I did want to play the yellow polka dot bikini song. Sadly this outfit doesn't come in yellow! Maybe just maybe if you wish on a star the designer might just make a yellow version! I am just going to go ahead and take my nap but you go ahead and enjoy the song! ^.^ Why am I going to nappy so soon because she wore that itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini and dance upon the shore! 1 2 3 4 .... snor!!!
* Apparel *
Hair :: [LOVE SOUL] :: Hair*154*Bitter Brown
Mesh Head :: *Cute Bytes* :: Baby Mesh Head #1 - Tongue
Mesh Ears :: *Cute Bytes* :: Bubbly Pierced Ears (non pierced)
Mesh Body :: *Cute Bytes*:: ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl 
Nail Polish :: Buglets :: Cabin Nails (Toddleedoo)

* Apparel *
Bikini :: Buglets :: Sophia Swimsuits (Toddleedoo)

* Accessories / Decor *
Accessory :: TTT :: Shark Fins - Grey RARE@ Le Petit Faire
Accessory :: TTT :: Shark Fins - Purple @ Le Petit Faire
Accessory :: TTT :: Shark Fins - Green @ Le Petit Faire
Hold-able :: TTT :: Firefly Lanterns - Green
Hold-able :: TTT :: Firefly Lanterns - Pink
Hold-able :: TTT :: Firefly Lanterns - Purple
Hold-able :: TTT :: Firefly Lanterns - Orange
Furniture :: Buglets :: Lil Beach Tent [Rainbow] RARE @ The Play Room by Seraphim
Furniture :: Buglets :: Lil Beach Tent - Donuts @ The Play Room by Seraphim
Furniture :: Buglets :: Lil Beach Tent - Tartan  @ The Play Room by Seraphim
Furniture :: Buglets :: Lil Beach Tent - Butterflies @ The Play Room by Seraphim

** NOTE **
Buglets nail polishes come in 6 colors, the Sophia swimsuits come in 5 colors and there are 11 tents to collect. The tents have several animations to choose from. Tic Tot Toe has 9 color shark fin vests and 6 firefly lanterns!! Be sure to check out these items and have a look at the other colors available! So before we can even think about summer coming be sure to have as much fun in the sun as you can. Until next time kiddies happy shoppings and stay safe! ^.^

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Isn't Over Yet

 Summer isn't over yet! With that said I have some more goodies for you. From head to toe have a few new things and a few classics. Always good to bring up some of the older stuff in case some of the newer generation of Second Lifers need a tune up! I very rarely wear my pierced ears I don't know why. But as I was looking to mix and match some new things with some old ones. I found these ears and pretty much was kicking myself in the butt for not wearing them more often. I guess it's cause I mainly Role Play as a teenager that I don't often embrace my tattoos and piercings but I think I need a bit of change. I'm sure everyone likes a bit of change every now and again. As for the necklace I brought that out of the closet for my sister's wedding. A gorgeous wedding might I add! So it was all beach themed so had nice star necklace and a few other accessories. I just couldn't find it in myself to take it off. As for the song tonight...well listening to Pandora tonight and this song popped up.... Not the mood I was in but found myself jamming. So as always jam with me as you read on ^.^
* Appearance *
Hair :: Ayashi :: Saiko hair-Brown
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Mokatana - Jamaica 01
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Mesh Ears :: Mandala :: Steking Ears
Mesh Hands and Feet :: Slink 
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} ::Annie's Crown Jewels French (Slink)@ Cosmopolitan

* Apparel * 
Shirt and Jeans :: {RS} :: Xandra Top & Jeans
Necklace :: Maxi Gossamer :: Necklace - Inlaid Seahorse - SILVER - V2
Shoes :: {ZOZ} :: Malibu - Black (slink high)@ Fashiontropic

** Note **
Rowena loving the Xandra Outfit! Of course as you can see below there are a few options to mix and match colors! Rowena this is why I love your stuff.. oh the color possibilities.
ZOZ talk about timing! These shoes fit AMAZINGLY with this outfit. I love it when I feel like designers secretly worked together to make an outfit go together! These shoes also come in Aquamarine so be sure to check it out! Also the nail polish comes in several shades. So you definitely find the shade that best matches your outfit. Now excuse me ladies and gents heading off to organize my inventory.... went broke this afternoon shopping... So yes be sure I'll be posting some interesting things soon! Hopefully ..erm... also want to go to the hair fair soon... You don't know what that is? Oh my gosh I will have to have a post just for that. BUT!!! Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings! ^.^ 

Cosmopolitan - July 5th - 18th 2015
Fashiontropic July 7th-30th 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm Back

 Well than sometimes you have wait for the rainbow after the storm.. Let me tell you that was one heck of a storm! I honestly thought I was losing my sanity!! Things are still blah but here's to a new day and a big hope that things will get better. Cause that's all we have Hope and Faith! So time to get back in the game! Of course I have MANY cute new things for you all. Some from sponsors some from shopping. Of course going to start off this week with some Flrn. Because I needed some classy sassy stuff to wear. Of course with this awesome dress got some new shoes. So I could go on and on and on but it's going to have to be a simple night.... Yes I know omg I am blonde... and my hair is short! I don't know what happened?! It' just happened!! Oh and ummm I was suppose to tell you guys something else really important but yeah I had a goldfish moment. Oh yeah and some nice outside furnishings from Toiz! No that's not what I originally wanted to say but... it will do for tonight! Don't ask me why this is what I was singing... feel free to sing it with me  -giggles - 

* Appearance *
Hair :: Magika :: [01] Plenty
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Mokatana - Jamaica 01 B
Mesh Hands And Feet :: Slink 
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Fun Hud Tangerine Glitter (Slink)

* Apparel *
Necklace :: BAMSE :: Loyalty Necklaces - Golden Puzzle # 2 *RARE @ The Play Room by Seraphim
Necklace :: BAMSE :: Loyalty Necklaces - Soul Mates # 7 @ The Play Room by Seraphim
Dress :: Flrn Design :: Alena Bow Dress V1 
Gloves :: Suki :: Cherri Gloves - White 
Shoe :: !Rebel Hope :: Laguna Mesh Sandal Blue

* Accessories / Decor * 
Furnishing :: Toiz :: Parasol and chairs (Black, Blue, Red, White and Yellow)

** Note **
Flrn's Alena dress has 2 different patterns. I only displayed version one with the zig zag bows the other pattern actually has designs on the dress so be sure to check it out. There are also more colors available. Zoz's Nail polish is just another color version of previous fun packs where you can paint each nail with a different pattern. It's a past event but you can still get your hands on it!  As always more photos below. So I still can't remember what that very very important thing was that I needed to say. I swear it was important! Erm. I guess that's all folks. Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings! ^.^ Oh P.S. it's so good to be back!! 


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