Sunday, July 19, 2015

Camping At The Beach

Ok so more camping at the beach! My how I have grown - sticks her tongue out - So long time coming! I'd like to officially introduce Vicarious Youth. This designer focuses mainly on Young children clothes. A great example is this romper that fits regular child avatars as well as Tweenedoo. 
Yes yes another face to Penni! Let me tell you do I got a story for you all! Just it's not going to be on this post. Nope nope nope it's going to be a very very angry post <.< well maybe I might get over it or I might not. But regardless of what happens tomorrow there is something I learned today that I want to give back to the community! At least for the adults! Or should I say anyone who rents land... Any hoots back to the happy joys of summer and enjoying the beach and camping! So if you kiddos haven't gotten your tents and sleeping bags here are a few you might just need to check out. Enjoy the tunes! - sings quietly as she sun tans - Oh great I can see it now I am going to be a lobster ....
* Appearance *
Mesh Hair :: Magika :: [01] Shade
Mesh Head :: Cute Bytes :: Mesh Head #3 - JULIA
Mesh Body / Shape :: Cute Bytes :: TweeneeDoo - YoungGirl (v.0.2)
Face Tattoo :: Buglets :: Sunburn 

* Apparel *
Outfit :: {V*Y} :: Marine Rompers @ Le Petit Faire
Necklace :: BAMSE :: Loyalty Necklace - Puzzle (R) * RARE
Bracelet :: {V*Y} :: Fun Allergies Arm Bands

* Accessories / Decor * 
Furniture :: [OUAT] :: Pup Tent (boy)  *RARE
Furniture :: [OUAT] :: Sleeping Bag - Kitty
Furniture :: [OUAT] :: Sleeping Bag - Foxxie

** NOTE **
More goodies for the summer as you can see. Now a small breakdown of what you are getting!
Buglets Sunburn is made for both regular avatars as well as Cute Bytes Mesh Heads. Please be aware they only work with the mesh heads that allow Tattoo Layers. The Sunburn ranges in shades as well as there are several colors of sunblock you can choose.
Vicarious Youth has some adorable rompers as well for regular kid avatars as well as for the TweeneeDoo mesh body that I am using. There are 6 commons as well as 2 rares to collect. As for the bracelets there are a total of 22 bracelets to collect. All kinds for everyone! Not just the Tweens but also fun for kids, teens and adults!
And let's not forget Once Upon A Toy. With adorable tents and sleeping bags. Which have several animations. Let me tell you I know what my new favorite sleeping bag is now. - starts singing what does the fox say - Until next time kiddos keep on shopping! ^.^ well at least until your piggy bank goes broke!

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