Wednesday, December 31, 2014


"Look at you in that dress! 
Girl you dangerous like a gun
Give them you, nothing less
Girl you murder everyone
Your love is a killer
Your love is a killer "
Oh yes I'm going out of this year with a bang! Woo! So ladies if you haven't gotten your dress here is an option for you! Comes in 11 different colors - le gasp!- To all my lovelies HAPPY NEW YEAR! I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. With the New Year I will be introducing yet another Sponsor (K-Pie)! Even though I posted one of her items (The head band perfect for the new year be sure to grab yours!!!) Be ready to see some of K-Pie's other lovely designs. You should so listen to this song...omg I was just randomly listening to music and this came on and I was jamming - laughs - Totally started dancing in my chair. Come on~ Do it!!! You know you want to - sticks her tongue out and gives you a wink -  
* Appearance *
Hair :: Moon :: She Waits -Naturals
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Neva - Jamaica 
Eyes :: {S0NG} :: Blossom~ Grass Eye
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Mesh Hands and Feet :: Slink  

* Apparel *
Headband :: K-PieD :: New Year Gift Uni-Sex (Group Gift) 
Dress :: {Posh Pixels} :: Bree - Serenity (11 colors Available) 
Jewelery ::{RS} :: Folia Cadens Necklace & Earings (color hud to change metal and stone)
Shoes :: {RS} :: Marcie Heels High Slink Bagged

** Note ** 
K-Pie Designs group is FREE to Join Until Jan 2nd. So get your headband and free group invite!
Crow having a HUGE SALE so be sure to check that out :)
As of December 31, Crow will no longer have an inworld store although all items will remain on marketplace. Until then, all merchandise has been greatly reduced:
Skins - half off
Wings - 25L per pair
Eyes - 50L per set
Slink mani/pedis - 25L per set
Sneakers - 35L per pair

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Level Up Link

Hey LISTEN!! Now I never played Zelda (granted somehow I hum the theme song all the time <.< ) but this is definitely a keeper for all Zelda fans. The dress comes of course with the classic three colors! Red, blue and green.... I just notice I forgot my elf ears D:< ahhhh but yeah today I'd like to introduce to you Morgan! The lovely lady in blue. She is new blogger! And she loves all things NERDY! So definitely check her out! Now Talk Nerdy To Me! <3

* Appearance * 
Hair :: BluPrintz :: Leena @ Level Up
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Aria skin - Asia
Shape :: Penelo Faith
Mesh Hands :: Slink 
Nail Polish :: Crow :: Retro fab slink nails

* Apparel * 
Dress :: BluPrintz :: Hero Tunic - Green /Blue/Red @ Level Up
Shoes :: BluPrintz :: Hero's Boots @ Level Up

* Accessories / Decor *
Shield :: BluPrintz :: Hero's Shield *Rare Level Up
Sword ::BluPrintz :: Hero's Sword *Rare Level Up
Bracers :: BluPrintz :: Hero's Bracers @ Level Up
Necklace and Ring :: *NW* :: Ruby - Red - Gold @ Level Up
Purse :: [geek.] :: Rupee Bag Pak -Red- @ Level Up
Necklace 4th photo :: BluPrintz :: Hero's Medallion @ Level Up
Hammer 4th photo :: BluPrintz :: Hero's Hammer @ Level Up

** Note **
Morgan's Blog "Into the Wardrobe" if you want more details on her look be sure to check out her blog! She will be be showing off some interesting goodies im sure :D
Only a few days left of  Level Up until Jan 5th 2015. So be sure to get your things before they are gone! There is some amazing pacman stuff I need to show you guys from frogstar!
Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings! ^.^ -dances around - "Get Nerdy with me!!"

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

What's the worst thing that could happen to you? 
Take a chance tonight and try something new. 
You're getting boring.
You're all so boring, and I don't recognize the zombie you're turning 'to. 
Don't worry cause tonight I got you. 
You can take a seat, do what you normally do. 
I'm about to let you see. 
This is what'll happen if you ain't giving your girl what she needs. 

Leave you, move on 
To a perfect stranger 
You talk I walk 
Wanna feel the danger 
See me with him and it's turnin' you on 
Got me saying getting me back it'd be another song 

Get outta my way 
Got no more to say 
He's takin' your place 
Get outta my way 
Way outta my way 
Got no more to say 
He's takin' your place 
Get outta my way 
- Contines -
So Mr. Beauty was busy so I asked my very own Mr. Fix it to dance with me. Whom happens to be the best dance partner mmmhmm. He most amazingly graced me with his presence and dance skills. Why dance you ask? I needed to put this mesh body to the test. I love dancing so needed to be sure it flows nicely. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed dancing!  
* Female Appearance * 
Mesh Hair :: Magika :: [Hair +Bow] Beans
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Katya - Jamaica
Mesh Feet and Hands :: Slink 
Mesh Body :: Slink :: Slink Physique
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Reindeer Colors White Polish (slink) @ FROST 

* Female Apparel * 
Outfit :: :: Tiffany Designs :: Santa Mini Dress with Appliers* L$39
Stockings :: Izzie's :: Slink Physique - Appliers  Sheer Tights
Slink Shoes :: {ZOZ}:: Roxie White - Ruby (slink high) @ Sneak Peek

* Male Apparel * 
Shirt :: Aitui :: The General Red
Pants :: No Salvation Designs :: Men's Leather Fetish Steampunk Cargo Pants Raven
Shoes :: Xiaj :: Canvas Sneakers Black Unisex

** Note ** 
Sneak Peek Dec 25th - Jan 20th
Frost Dec 14th - Jan 3rd
As always ZOZ provides a nail polish hud with multiple color options. This hud comes with nine shades to choose from. As for the shoes there are five color options available sold separately. 
Santa Mini Dress Appliers available :: TMP, Slink Physique, Belleza, WoWMeh/Eve, Lena/Brazilia Doll, Omega System
Until next time lovelies HAPPY HOLIDAYS and happy shoppings. ^.^ 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dreaming of Christmas

 So this city girl is dreaming of a white Christmas. With the glittering white snow sprinkled all around. Now Christmas is just around the corner but no snow to be seen. Awww shucks. Well on the bright side going to pull out my dress and well go dancing of course. It's a crazy time of the year right now to go shopping. Well least I can shop my little heart out in SL without all the traffic, the struggle of finding a parking place, oh and did I mention we don't have to wait in line? Oh the beauty of it all. So today I proudly present B Barbie Style my lovely new sponsor. I look forward to showing her designs off. Now what is dazzling besides that gorgeous dress? Well the fact that its a mesh body! That's right it's the classy me in a new body. - Sings happily to "Dreaming of a White Christmas" -
* Appearance *
Hair :: Truth :: Delta -  browns
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Katya - Jamaica
Mesh Body, Hands and Feet :: Slink
Shape Design :: Penelo Faith 
Slink Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Gothic Xmas Duo Polish @ Suicide Dollz GIFT!

* Apparel * 
Flexi Dress Outfit :: B Barbie Style :: Vickie Red (Earrings, Ring, Dress, Purse & Slink High Shoes) 

* Accessories / Decor * 
Skybox :: Toiz :: New York skyline skybox 

** Note ** 
Suicide Dollz Is having there Anniversary round Nov 30th - Dec 31st 
Toiz was originally TOMGA. 
I look forward to provide you all with more B Barbie Style. I am sure she has some extra special goodies coming up. This outfit has basic clothing layers as well as the following appliers available to use (Phat Azz Appliers, Slink Physique and Omega Applicators )
So I am still the adorable me with more clothing options now :D Still fooling around with body but I'll be sure to let you folks know how much I love it after fooling around with it a bit or if I am disappointed. I do love the fact that I can use my original shape. So yes this girl treated herself to her own little Christmas gift :3 Happy blogger indeed. Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings ^.^ 

Friday, December 19, 2014

New Suit and Tie

Nice to meet you where have you been? You look like my next mistake. New money suit and tie.... that's for sure! I made this bad guy good for the weekend. Now in all seriousness. If you didn't know those were Tyler Swift lyrics to the song below. But yes I did borrow this gentlemen for the weekend to show you this new suit! As I promised I will be doing more male and toddler posts. Today's post I have a lovely suit for you as well as I also wanted to bring up ZOZ nails. Now for those of you whom use slink hands, not sure if you are aware but you can turn off your nails. Now why does that matter well the lovely ZOZ has made longer nails you can use instead of the standard nails. If you look at my second photo you will notice the longer ZOZ nails and in the fourth photo you will see slink nails at their longest. So if you a little extra nail definitely should look into getting mesh nails from ZOZ. ZOZ provides nail polish for both Slink and her very own nails. 
* Appearance * 
Hair :: [RA] :: Kelly Hair - Essential
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Cassia - Pink Rose - America
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Mesh Hands :: Slink 
Nails 2nd photo :: {ZOZ} :: Mesh Nails 
Nail Polish 2nd photo :: {ZOZ} :: Gothic Xmas Black Naturals (ZOZ) @ Gothmas By Gaslight
Nail Polish 4th photo :: {ZOZ} :: Gothic Xmas Black Naturals (Slink) @ Gothmas By Gaslight

* Apparel * 
Dress :: Posh Pixels :: Alchemy Amethyst
Earrings :: Ricielli :: Gem Wing Earrings
Ring :: Ison :: safari tribe ring - Onyx  (pack comes with bracelet)

* Male Apparel *
Suit :: A's Designs :: Christmas Cheer Suit ( Tie Hud included) 99 L special 
Shoes :: HOC Apparel :: Men's Formal Dress Shoes 20 L

** Note ** 
Gothmas By Gaslight event is from Dec 15th - Jan 3rd
Thought we should take a break from all the Christmas music but have no fears there is more to come! Now I have to be honest those shoes that Mr. Beauty wore. They are not my favorite but they are affordable. They are a bit shiny in certain lighting but if you fellows like rocking shiny shoes power to you! My photo was not edited they just happen to look fabulous in that lighting <.< Than again I was to busy looking into his eyes than his shoes....shhhhh! :p The suit comes with a tie hud so that you can change the tie design to four different colors. Fancy.... 
I still have not one but actually two more sponsors to introduce to you all. Yes yes I seem to getting busy. Just means more shopping for you all. But I must say TGIF! With that said have a lovely weekend my lovelies and happy shoppings ^.^

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mommys Kissing Santa

Oh oh oh Mommy's kissing Santa Claus tonight! Tsk tsk tsk no cookies for you Santa! You are on the naughty list tonight! Shhh! But you see that adorable little girl well she in representing a new designer to my family! So please give it up for "Up to No Good" whom is a new Toddleedoo clothes designer as well as Toddleedoo poses! I will be introducing someone else into the family soon so be ready! Super long post! So many goodies to give out before Christmas so check your list twice! Make sure you haven't forgotten anyone and if you have hopefully there is something on my list to help you along the way!  Most importantly don't forget to treat yourselves. As always happy shoppings my lovelies !! Oh! and don't get caught kissing Santa Claus like I did ^.^ - giggles -
* Appearance // Apparel * 
Mesh Dress :: {RS} :: Tashia Dress
Necklace :: {ZOZ} ::  Unwrap Me Holiday Necklace @  Peace on Earth 7 Hunt
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Gift Polish Single (Slink Hands) #16 on the hunt @  Peace on Earth 7 Hunt
Hint for the hunt :: Exclusively yours, tending the green plant of peace and hope.

* Toddleedoo Apparel // Decor * 
Toddleedoo Outfit :: UTNG :: Motha Ducka onsie baby
Toddleedoo Socks :: Tiptoes :: Striped Leggings - Pastel
Wooden Toys :: 8f8 :: Granny's Winter Cottage - Toys # 11 @ The Arcade Gacha
* Male Apparel  * 
Hat, Suit and boots :: Edelweiss :: Santa Mens Christmas Boy costume (mesh rigged) 

* Photo Below * 
Mesh Dress :: {RS} :: Tashia Dress
Decor :: Frogstar :: Wooden Snowflake (Blue) @ The Liaison Collaboration
Decor :: Frogstar ::Wooden Snowflake (White) @ The Liaison Collaboration
Decor:: Frogstar ::Hanging Holiday Sign (Wonderland) @ The Liaison Collaboration
Decor :: Hideki :: Logs Basket @ The Chapter Four
Candle Jars :: Frogstar :: Mason Jar Candles (jars at foot of the bed) @ The Liaison Collaboration

* Decor *
House :: Frogstar :: Glass Garden Cottage @ We <3 RP
Tree :: Frogstar :: Rustic Metal Christmas Tree (Green)
Firewood :: 8f8 :: Granny's Winter Cottage - Fire Wood # 36
Decor :: Frogstar :: Backyard Firepit
* Decor *
Piano :: Boudoir :: Victorian Christmas Piano
Lanterns :: Frogstar :: Joy Lanterns @ The Liaison Collaboration
Rug :: *PICKLES* Spirit of Christmas Rug
Red Frame :: Frogstar :: Hanging Holiday Sign (Memories)
Candle sticks :: BAZAR :: Floria candlestick (big) - (taken from Floria bedroom set)
Hanging Stars :: Megie's Seasonal Store :: Twinkle Stars Ornamental Light (full perm) 50L
Christmas Tree :: [AZ] :: 4. Green Fir & Red
* Decor * 
Bed :: Hideki :: Winter Bed - * Rare  @ The Chapter Four
Candle Jars :: Frogstar :: Mason Jar Candles (jars at foot of the bed) @ The Liaison Collaboration
Decor :: Frogstar :: Wooden Snowflake Trio @ The Liaison Collaboration
* Photo Below Decor * 
Table :: 8f8 :: Granny's Winter Cottage - Table # 27 @ The Arcade Gacha

Friday, December 12, 2014

12 Days

 Hello hello! Today is an extra long and extra special post! I'd like to thank first off my family and friends who got together to help me have all the Pixicat onesies! Love you bunches!!! Kim, Micah, Morgan, Tonii, Jax, Krazy, Ac, Myst, Star, Voss and Ryvan. Don't I have a lovely bunch of awesomeness in my life! Today's post is all about The Arcade Gacha event. I am sure by now many of you have some of these lovely items but for those of you who don't. The layout in today's post going to be a little different than normal. Here you go! 12 designers to showcase for my 12 days of Christmas. This post was suppose to be posted on Friday December 12th but had a little video trouble. Any hoots feel free not to listen to me sing in the video below!

* First Photo *
12th Day :: Pixicat :: Onesie
Rares :: Goat, Unicorn and Clean
Commons :: Skeletton, Deer, Frog, Dog, Cat, Bunny, Panda, Koala and Fox

* Second Photo *
7th day :: Ispachi :: Cherihes Moments
Rare :: Paws and Claws (kitten/puppy)
Commons :: Reindeer, Arctic Foxes, Penguins, Snowy Owls, Huskies and Polar Bears

1st day :: Zaara :: Tuk Tuk Rezzer HUD (WEAR ME)
Common :: #7 Pistachio
* Third and Fourth Photo *
9th Day :: Birdy :: Foxes - Woodland Wonderland - Dress & Boots 
Commons :: Blue, Cream, Berry, Lav and Mint
Commons :: Plum, Navy, Mustard and Peach
* Fifth Photo *
11th Day :: Boom :: Sleep Sacks
Commons :: Strawberry, Kitty, Panda, Sloth, Piggy, Red Panda, Unicorn, Teddy, Snowman, Penguin and Reindeer

10th Day :: Intrigue :: Frozen Friends Plushies
Commons :: Willy the Orca, Anouk the Harper Seal, Picole the baby Penguin, Maurice the Muskox, Wallace the Walrus, Remus the Wolf,  Eva the Ermine, Taffy the Tufted Puffin, Rain the Ram and Spencer the Snowy Owl

* Sixth Photo *
6th Day :: O.M.E.N. :: Into The Wardrobe 
Commons :: Ivory Horn, By the Lamp, Icey Queens Home, Dragon's Ship, Sword & Shield, Faun's Pipe
2nd Day :: Boogers :: Pitty Patty Hamster
Commons ::  Dancy ham jazz and ball ham fuzzy
* Seventh Photo *
8th Day :: Half Deer :: Kerfluffle Sheep III 
Rare :: Milk and Cookies
Commons :: Blanket Hog, Slumber Party, Snowdeer, Little Lights Coco, Mr. Cardinal, Santa's Wooly Helper and Ms. Butterfly

3rd Day :: Pure Poison :: Chess Game
Rares :: Queen Penguin, Queen Fox and Rook Fox

* Eight Photo *
5th Day :: Schadenfreude :: Piggie Wiggie
Commons :: Pink Pigasus, Pigasaurus, Butterpig, Pigasus and Wolpigtinger

4th day :: Noodles :: Fairy Tale Stories - Part 2
Commons :: Floating Lights, Sleeping, Genie and Beauty

** NOTE **
Happy tradings, happy gacha-ing and happy shoppings. Until next time my lovelies happy holidays ^.^

Thursday, December 11, 2014


I didn't get a pumpkin carriage this time, I blame that partly because I don't have an evil step mother or evil step sisters forbidding me to go to the ball. So here I stand in my enchanted gown and my tiara fit for any princess. Oh where oh where could that palace be... excuse me but I have to make my way to the ball. On my way there I'll be singing for sure "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" and don't you ever forget that.

* Appearance *
Mesh Hair :: Truth :: Posy - Browns
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A 
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Sia II - Jamaica tone - 01 F @ The Chapter Four
Eyes :: {S0NG} :: Blossom ~ Deep Blue Eye
Mesh hands and Feet :: Slink
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Nordic Colors White Polish @ Fresh Style - Passion4Fashion 12/10 - 12/23

* Apparel * 
Crown :: BluPrintz :: Eira's Crown  (comes with hud) *Rare
Mesh/Flexi Dress :: {Posh Pixels} :: Spirit of Hope Gown - Limited Edition

** NOTE **
Feeling like a princess today :3  As always more photos below! Soooo granted I didn't have my pumpkin carriage or glass slippers... that was too mainstream for this princess. But any hoots some minor details to share with you all. The sim I did photos on was GORGEOUS good for a romantic stroll -wink wink -  check it out > Storybrooke 
This lovely gown came with the option of with or without a shawl. Oh and yes it comes with shoes meant for slink High feet!!!! Thanks to the lovely ZOZ I had polish that matched perfectly! As always with ZOZ's nail polish it is a hud that gives you nine color options!  Don't forget to save that last dance for Prince Charming. I am off on a grand adventure with this boy wielding a wooden spoon like a sword. -giggles a bit- Until next time happy shoppings my lovelies. ^.^

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Happy Holidays to all my lovelies. Shopping shopping everywhere! I have so many things to share... I need more time! Lots and lots of goodies today so be sure to bring someone with you to help you carry those bags. So as I get my shopping list in order let me just remind you...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. So as you go for your holiday stroll be sure to bring Michael Buble for some extra holiday cheer. Sway and swoon with me folks. :p
* Appearance * 
Mesh Hair :: Spellbound :: Dreamy Fox // Fatpack (Hair & Hat) * RARE The Arcade
Skin :: Crow:: Baby, it's cold outside @ The Mad Hattery 
(Skin, Slink Appliers & Nail Polish // Nail polish not featured)
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Mesh hands and Feet :: SLINK 
Slink Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Gothic Cross Black Polish @ Suicide Dollz Nov 30th - Dec 31st

* Apparel *
Mesh Shirt, Vest and Pants :: {RS} :: Lainey 
Scarf :: Erratic :: 10.erratic / cwe - shawl / black @ The Arcade
Mesh Shoes :: {ZOZ} :: Marilyn Heels - Silver (slink high feet) @ Event @ 1st - Dec. 1st - 25th

* Accessories / Decor * 
Tree :: Frogstar :: Rustic Metal Christmas Tree (Green) @  Fit for a Princess (Main Photo Tree)
Day Bed :: Frogstar ::  Dreamer Day Bed (White) (Second Photo)
Gacha items :: Frogstar :: Map Cubby (Dark), Map Cabinet (Dark), Map Cabinet w/ Display (Dark)
Gacha items :: Frogstar :: Drawing Desk (Dark) *Rare, Drawing Desk Chair (Dark) *Rare
Gacha items :: Frogstar :: Framed Map 1, Framed Map 2, Framed Map 3
Gacha items :: Frogstar :: Basket of Maps, Leather Map Holder, Calipers & Map
Skybox :: Frogstar ::  Cartographer's Study Skybox *Ultra Rare

** Note ** 
The dreamer day bed comes in four different colors. The Rustic Metal Tree is available in four colors. ZOZ shoes are available in three colors. The Rare Spellbound Hair you can use with or without the hat. But since its a bit chilly well let's just get all snuggled up. Let's not forget the outfit, I always love how Rowena's clothes come with a hud so most of her outfits you are always getting more than one color at no extra charge! 
As the holiday season gets closer be sure to remind everyone how truly special they are. Not with the gifts wrapped in a box, but with the words from your heart. Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings! May your heart be merry with song and dance. ^.^ 


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