Friday, December 12, 2014

12 Days

 Hello hello! Today is an extra long and extra special post! I'd like to thank first off my family and friends who got together to help me have all the Pixicat onesies! Love you bunches!!! Kim, Micah, Morgan, Tonii, Jax, Krazy, Ac, Myst, Star, Voss and Ryvan. Don't I have a lovely bunch of awesomeness in my life! Today's post is all about The Arcade Gacha event. I am sure by now many of you have some of these lovely items but for those of you who don't. The layout in today's post going to be a little different than normal. Here you go! 12 designers to showcase for my 12 days of Christmas. This post was suppose to be posted on Friday December 12th but had a little video trouble. Any hoots feel free not to listen to me sing in the video below!

* First Photo *
12th Day :: Pixicat :: Onesie
Rares :: Goat, Unicorn and Clean
Commons :: Skeletton, Deer, Frog, Dog, Cat, Bunny, Panda, Koala and Fox

* Second Photo *
7th day :: Ispachi :: Cherihes Moments
Rare :: Paws and Claws (kitten/puppy)
Commons :: Reindeer, Arctic Foxes, Penguins, Snowy Owls, Huskies and Polar Bears

1st day :: Zaara :: Tuk Tuk Rezzer HUD (WEAR ME)
Common :: #7 Pistachio
* Third and Fourth Photo *
9th Day :: Birdy :: Foxes - Woodland Wonderland - Dress & Boots 
Commons :: Blue, Cream, Berry, Lav and Mint
Commons :: Plum, Navy, Mustard and Peach
* Fifth Photo *
11th Day :: Boom :: Sleep Sacks
Commons :: Strawberry, Kitty, Panda, Sloth, Piggy, Red Panda, Unicorn, Teddy, Snowman, Penguin and Reindeer

10th Day :: Intrigue :: Frozen Friends Plushies
Commons :: Willy the Orca, Anouk the Harper Seal, Picole the baby Penguin, Maurice the Muskox, Wallace the Walrus, Remus the Wolf,  Eva the Ermine, Taffy the Tufted Puffin, Rain the Ram and Spencer the Snowy Owl

* Sixth Photo *
6th Day :: O.M.E.N. :: Into The Wardrobe 
Commons :: Ivory Horn, By the Lamp, Icey Queens Home, Dragon's Ship, Sword & Shield, Faun's Pipe
2nd Day :: Boogers :: Pitty Patty Hamster
Commons ::  Dancy ham jazz and ball ham fuzzy
* Seventh Photo *
8th Day :: Half Deer :: Kerfluffle Sheep III 
Rare :: Milk and Cookies
Commons :: Blanket Hog, Slumber Party, Snowdeer, Little Lights Coco, Mr. Cardinal, Santa's Wooly Helper and Ms. Butterfly

3rd Day :: Pure Poison :: Chess Game
Rares :: Queen Penguin, Queen Fox and Rook Fox

* Eight Photo *
5th Day :: Schadenfreude :: Piggie Wiggie
Commons :: Pink Pigasus, Pigasaurus, Butterpig, Pigasus and Wolpigtinger

4th day :: Noodles :: Fairy Tale Stories - Part 2
Commons :: Floating Lights, Sleeping, Genie and Beauty

** NOTE **
Happy tradings, happy gacha-ing and happy shoppings. Until next time my lovelies happy holidays ^.^

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