Friday, December 19, 2014

New Suit and Tie

Nice to meet you where have you been? You look like my next mistake. New money suit and tie.... that's for sure! I made this bad guy good for the weekend. Now in all seriousness. If you didn't know those were Tyler Swift lyrics to the song below. But yes I did borrow this gentlemen for the weekend to show you this new suit! As I promised I will be doing more male and toddler posts. Today's post I have a lovely suit for you as well as I also wanted to bring up ZOZ nails. Now for those of you whom use slink hands, not sure if you are aware but you can turn off your nails. Now why does that matter well the lovely ZOZ has made longer nails you can use instead of the standard nails. If you look at my second photo you will notice the longer ZOZ nails and in the fourth photo you will see slink nails at their longest. So if you a little extra nail definitely should look into getting mesh nails from ZOZ. ZOZ provides nail polish for both Slink and her very own nails. 
* Appearance * 
Hair :: [RA] :: Kelly Hair - Essential
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Cassia - Pink Rose - America
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Mesh Hands :: Slink 
Nails 2nd photo :: {ZOZ} :: Mesh Nails 
Nail Polish 2nd photo :: {ZOZ} :: Gothic Xmas Black Naturals (ZOZ) @ Gothmas By Gaslight
Nail Polish 4th photo :: {ZOZ} :: Gothic Xmas Black Naturals (Slink) @ Gothmas By Gaslight

* Apparel * 
Dress :: Posh Pixels :: Alchemy Amethyst
Earrings :: Ricielli :: Gem Wing Earrings
Ring :: Ison :: safari tribe ring - Onyx  (pack comes with bracelet)

* Male Apparel *
Suit :: A's Designs :: Christmas Cheer Suit ( Tie Hud included) 99 L special 
Shoes :: HOC Apparel :: Men's Formal Dress Shoes 20 L

** Note ** 
Gothmas By Gaslight event is from Dec 15th - Jan 3rd
Thought we should take a break from all the Christmas music but have no fears there is more to come! Now I have to be honest those shoes that Mr. Beauty wore. They are not my favorite but they are affordable. They are a bit shiny in certain lighting but if you fellows like rocking shiny shoes power to you! My photo was not edited they just happen to look fabulous in that lighting <.< Than again I was to busy looking into his eyes than his shoes....shhhhh! :p The suit comes with a tie hud so that you can change the tie design to four different colors. Fancy.... 
I still have not one but actually two more sponsors to introduce to you all. Yes yes I seem to getting busy. Just means more shopping for you all. But I must say TGIF! With that said have a lovely weekend my lovelies and happy shoppings ^.^

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