Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Zombie Zombie Zombiee eh eh eh

So much to show in today's post so I had to do several photos to showcase some great items. October is just around the corner.... well tomorrow! This post would have been done sooner but RL had me very very distracted. So sorry about that! Well we all know what holiday is in October so its time to buy those pumpkins and get those Halloween Costumes. Since I have extra photos, I am just going to post one of my favorite Zombie songs. Enjoy! 

* Appearance * 

Hair :: Lamb ::  Pandora - Dark Brown Pack
Skin :: [THD] :: Diva Skin 01 [Dark Brows] 
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A 
Eyes :: !CS! :: Little Angel Iced RARE @ Past Event 
Mesh Hand and Feet :: Slink  

* Apparel * 

Dress ::{Posh Pixels} :: Bloody Lolita Dress * Ultra RARE @ Spooktacular Halloween Gatcha event

* Accessories/Decor * 

Building :: Frogstar :: Safe House Gacha #13 Safe House RARE @ Level Up
Shelf :: Frogstar  :: Safe House Gacha #6 Industrial Shelving (Empty) @ Level Up
First Aid Kit :: Frogstar  :: Safe House Gacha #5 First Aid Kit (Grungy) @ Level Up
Portable Potty :: Frogstar  :: Safe House Gacha #3 Portable Toilet @ Level Up
Pills :: Frogstar :: Safe House Gacha #12 Radiation Pills @ Level Up
Water cooler :: Frogstar  :: Safe House Gacha #9 Water Cooler @ Level Up 
Empty Water :: Frogstar  :: Frogstar :: Safe House Gacha #8 Water Supply @ Level Up
First aid kit :: Frogstar  :: Safe House Gacha #5 First Aid Kit (Grungy) @ Level Up
Posters :: Frogstar  :: 
Safe House :: Safe House Gacha #1 Sign @ Level Up
Here Be Zombie :: Safe House Gacha #2 Sign @ Level Up
Infected Area :: Safe House Gacha #10 Poster @ Level Up
Notice :: Safe House Gacha #11 Poster @ Level Up

* Several Photos below *
Once again happy shoppings until next time my lovelies! ^.^ 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ready for Autumn

Autumn is almost here where I live and I can say I am truly excited. Autumn is my favorite season so I've been waiting a whole year for this time of the year. With that said I'll be sure to put in some last spring items in but oh fall how I adore ye! Was in a dancing mood so thought I'd put a playful song to listen to as you do your shopping and reading!

Shake it off
By Taylor Swift

I stay out too late
Got nothing in my brain
That's what people say, mmm mmm
That's what people say, mmm mmm

I got on too many dates
But I can't make 'em stay
At least that's what people say, mmm mmm
That's what people say, mmm mmm

But I keep cruising
Can't stop, won't stop moving
In my mind
Saying, "It's gonna be alright"

Cause the players gonna play, play play play play
And the haters gonna hate, hate hate, hate, hate
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off
Heart-breakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off


 * Appearance * 

Hair :: little bones :: Pagan Poetry - Browns @ The Chapter Four
Skin :: Atomic. Skin :: {GrapeEscape} Creme - Brown Brow @ The Chapter Four
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Eyes :: .ID. :: Gem Eyes / Colors / Dark / Indigo
Mesh Hands :: Slink
Tattoo :: Suicide Gurls :: Rammus Unisex Tattoo

* Apparel * 

Dress :: {RS} :: Allison Dress 
Boots :: Ison :: carazon boot (brown)

* Accessories / Decor * 

Round Stone Patio :: Frogstar ::  Autumn Fire Patio *Past Event

* Note *

Frogstar Autumn Fire Patio is available in two colors as well as PG and Adult menus. The event is now over but I thought it needed to blog it cause its such a perfect family/friends hangout for the fall . Until next time my lovelies Happy shoppings! ^.^ 

Friday, September 19, 2014


I'm late, I'm late yes I am defiantly late for a date! But no worries you still have time to get these great items. :D The Violet lace top comes in four different colors. It is available simple or lace (which is the version I am wearing). Now I don't have large bosom but the great thing about these tank tops is for all you ladies whom have the large bosom (for those of you whom wear Lolas). These shirts will fit you just lovely. Now if it wasn't great enough that we had some great tank tops, we also have the skirt which comes in six colors! Oh my goodness...

* Appearance *

Hair :: MINA :: Goodiebag HF2014 - Noor Essentials * Past Event 
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Mokatana - Jamaica
Teeth :: The Ugly and Beautiful :: Pointed Demon Vampire Teeth 
Mesh Hands and Feet :: Slink 
Tattoo :: Suicide Gurls :: Rammus Unisex Tattoo

* Apparel * 

Mesh Sunglasses :: TOMGA :: Leon Sunglasses (black)
Non Mesh Shirt :: MOoH! :: Violet lace tanktop (LOLA friendly) @ The Unique Varied Event
Mesh skirt :: MOoH! :: Pleated mini skirt with belt @ Black Dot Project 
Mesh Slink shoes :: C.C. Kre-ations :: {Papilio~ snow} L pumps slink H 

* Accessories / Decor * 

Chair and Decor :: LISP :: I'm Late, I'm Late Setting with sits

** Note **
The Unique Varied Event and Black Dot Project both end September 22, 2014 so be sure to grab yours before it ends! Hurry before you are late! Happy Shopping my lovelies! ^.^

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Oh oh oh another post so soon? Why yes! In case you didn't read my last post I have four new sponsors. Last post I featured two my lovely new designers today's post I would like to feature one of the other lovely designers. Now not only does she make lovely mesh clothes she also makes slink shoes! Let me tell you I was rocking those heels from Posh Pixels <3 

* Appearance * 

Mesh Hair :: Magika :: [01] Meadow
Skin :: Atomic. :: Skin {Muse} Creme - Eyelid (B) - Blonde Brow
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Mesh Mouth :: .Loud Mouth :: Alli 
Mesh Teeth :: Loud Mouth. :: Parted Teeth 
Mesh Hands and Feet :: Slink
Lipstick :: Atomic. ::{Muse} Lipstick - Set 1

* Apparel * 

Mesh Dress ::{POSH PIXELS} :: Harlow Gown - Elegance
Necklace :: Frogstar ::  Astral Charm Necklace (Silver Moon) @ Jewlery Fair 2014 Sept 13-28 
Mesh Slink Shoes ::{POSH PIXELS}:: Snow- Vixen Heels- Africa 

** NOTE **

Atomic is currently at a temporary location, so be advised they are planning to move!

Are you a lovely follower of mine? Perhaps a first time viewer! Well lately I have been thinking of labeling my posts with names. Want to see your name? What look would I come up specifically for your name? Send me over an email ( Penelofaith@gmail.com ) and I will be glad to label one of my post after you! <.< trollers may be ignored! Just a friendly warning. Until next time, happy shopping my lovelies! ^.^

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Enchanted Rose

So today I would love to introduce two new sponsors of mine out of four. They have some amazing items and I will be glad to show them to you in the near future. No song today because I have many many pictures to show off! First one I'd like to introduce is Rowena's Design ({RS}), she makes lovely mesh clothes, which is featured in todays post. Truly a dress for the most enchanted of roses. By roses I mean the lovely ladies! My other lovely sponsor is The Hellish Diva ([THD]) whom has a varied of items available such as make up. Very excited to be part of their team!
* Appearance * 
Mesh Hair :: Exile :: Dancing on my own: 2. Dark Browns @ The Arcade 
Teeth :: The Ugly & Beautiful Designs :: + Pointed Demon Vampire Teeth +
Mesh Hands and Feet :: Slink
Arm Tattoo :: elska :: Ornamental
Eyeshadow :: [THD] :: Saintly Shadows

* Apparel *
Necklace :: KM B&B :: Enchanted Rose Pendant Gold *Rare
Dress :: {RS} :: Anneliese Dress Bagged
Knee High Socks :: C h a r y :: Knee Highs (Black)

* Accessories / Decor * 
Cottage :: Frogstar :: Woodcutter's Cottage @ We <3 RP
Poses :: Little Bean Poses :: Boobies # 29 & # 30 @ Destocking Market
First two photos are pose # 30 the photo below is pose # 29. There are a total of five poses available. 

** Note ** 
I am unsure as to what event my necklace is from because it was given to me as a gift but I can most certainly point you into the right direction. The designer name is Kitty Moon. Happy Huntings! More below
I only posted four shades of eye shadow from The Hellish Diva, there are about eight available. And of course below another great design from Frogstar a small cottage cabin. Great for RP sims. From a possible lumbar mill to a secret getaway house. Oh the possibilities. Until next time my lovelies, Happy shoppings!~ ^.^ 


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