Saturday, October 15, 2016

When She Moves

Ok I must say when I first put on this dress I was like yes blue! Cause I love blue clothes on me but than I was like crap more blue I am posting! - laughs a little - So I loved the necklace to this outfit and was like I will so be wearing that with other sets as well. Than I found the arm pieces and was like what the fluff....for a while I was like maybe I'll just do the post without those but I thought to myself no no I must give it a try...Barbie great work! After a while I was like well dam that does look good. - laughs a little more - that's what I get for judging for a moment! Now not going to lie I do like the dress without the arm parts (photo below with how it looks without the arm pieces) but after a while of wearing it I truly enjoyed the outfit with the arm sleeves. When I did a close up shot I thought wow this dress would be great for a close up portrait shot. As you can see - points to down below - doesn't it look great! I am NOT wearing all the pieces for this outfit. This dress is actually longer than what is shown in my photo. As for the song I must have changed it 10 times today. But I have finally decided on one let me link it before I change it again. It is an OLD song (7 years old to be exact!) but I don't care I was rocking it. Though Spanish isn't my first or second language feel free to listen to his Spanish version. If different languages ermmm set your mood....I mean just his body language can tell you what is going on if you don't understand a word he says! Yes yes rough me up! - dances around -

Hair :: DOE :: Biji - Browns
Mesh Head :: CATWA :: Jessica
Eyes :: IKON :: Sovereign Eyes - Green
Body :: MAITREYA :: Lara
Hands & Feet :: SLINK 
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Cascade Polish (Fat) @ Chapter Four - October round

Outfit :: (BBS) :: Resmay

* NOTE *
Chapter Four - October round 2016

BBS's outfit comes with the dress, shoes and jewelry (Necklace & Earrings). This dress does not come with a color hud. But as you saw you may choose to use the dress with or without the sleeves. As well as a longer version. Photo below! The dress is mesh and comes in the following sizes; Mesh, Fitted Mesh, Slink & Belleza. I myself am wearing the fitted mesh for my Maitreya body which fits how it is suppose to my my body. Some of you may need to adjust your shape a bit if it doesn't fit quiet right. As for the shoes they are only Slink or Belleza sizes. Now I was a bad girl and didn't wear all the pieces. The dress is meant to be a long dress but I might have been wanting to show my legs off. So once again I am NOT wearing all the pieces but you may chose to do so since there are more pieces included in the set when you purchase it.

ZOZ's one more polish for the collection. There are 9 colors in total and 2 different packs. I will have to reblog this polish again because I do want to show a few additional colors. ZOZ is not linked because this item can not be found in her store yet. Please check out the event if you want this particular polish if you want to check out other polishes from ZOZ then you may click that link!

Points below seeeeeeeee amazing dress for a portrait photo! So a photographer that photoshops the life out of photos I bet you they could make a killer portrait of you rocking this dress - winks - Until next time my lovelies Happy shoppings!

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