Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cause You're My Zing!

Any Transylvania fans out there? If so this one for you! Now if you never saw that cute animation movie don't worry its ok you can still look adorable in this outfit even if you aren't a fan but if you are oh boy oh boy you are in luck today! I was going to wear my hairs down but I wanted to show off my cute mask! So lookie lookie! - Randomly starts singing - 

I thought I found a love but she was just a fling.
And then I met a girl, and felt a different thing.
It's like your hit in the ring like you're pulled by a string.
Can't breathe like you're choking on a chicken wing. 

It was a thing called a zing And I wanted to sing,
and listen to the ballads of a man named Sting. 
Baby, looks in your eye. 
And it's suddenly spring like when Nala kissed Simba in the lion king. 

Zinging in the air and I don't have a care. 
I'm winging from the zing that we share. 
Zinging in the rain. 
Now I'm feeling no pain. 
It's a real, time for celebrating cause you're my zing!

- Giggles - Maybe I am to young for a zing! But I sure can enjoy this song! You don't know it? - Gasps - Push play below and sing it with me! ZINGING IN THE RAIN! Read on kiddies!
 * Appearance *
Hair :: [Love Soul] :: Hair 121 - Bitter Brown
Mesh Head :: *CB* :: Baby Mesh Head - Balloon
Mesh Eyes :: Buzz :: Celestial Eyes - Hazel
Mesh Ears :: *Cute Bytes* :: Bubbly Pierced Ears 
Mesh Body :: *Cute Bytes*:: ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl 
Skin :: {LD} :: Ava Skin Freckles Mesh Head

* Apparel *
Outfit :: Little Stars :: Transylvania - Mavis

* Accessories / Decor  * 
Decor :: TTT :: Day of the Dead Mask @ Day of The Dead Hunt

* Note * 
Now obviously Little Stars did a great job with a remake of Mavis outfit from the movie Transylvania. It comes with the shirt, undershirt, tights and shoes! Yay. As I said before even if you aren't a fan of the movie you can still enjoy this outfit.
Tic Tot Toe making a cute mask for all the little spooks. It's obviously for the Day of the Dead but I think you can wear it whenever you want - giggles - Especially with Hallows Eve around the corner!
Day of the Dead Hunt. I don't know much about it but I do know you can find TTT item for the event at the mainstore .... for FREE! You just have to find it of course!
Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings! ^.^  

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