Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holiday Season - Tween Style @ 10L!

Let it snow let it snow cause I'm warm! Now I haven't seen this child in a while! Sorry but my inner kid has been hiding lately. But she came out to play a few days ago! Of course when she came out to play she found a sale for you! Now my dress, shoes and scarf were just a steal. Now you can't steal mine but I do suggest you go buy your own. I mean it does come in a lovely shade of Tardis blue! What's a Tardis you ask? Something quiet magical actually but have no fear you can always google it! Now break that piggy bank (granted this outfit won't cost you an arm and leg). Head your way down to Wash Cart Sale were you will find lots and lots of great things for 10L's! Oh my goodness hurry up and read on and make your way on over...let it snowwwww!

* Appearance *
Hair :: Spellbound :: Blizzard - Chapter I - Earth // DARKS @ The Arcade Gacha
Mesh Head :: Cute Bytes :: Mesh Head #3 - JULIA
Mesh Body / Shape :: Cute Bytes :: TweeneeDoo - YoungGirl (v.0.2)

* Apparel *
Dress :: Vicarious Youth :: Fitted Belted Dress Coat - Blue Dot/Black 10L Wash Cart Sale
Scarf :: Vicarious Youth ::  Cowl Scarf - Blue Snowflakes 10L Wash Cart Sale
Shoes :: Vicarious Youth :: Rebekah Boots 10L @ Wash Cart Sale

* Notes *
Vicarious Youth pretty much made you a cute outfit for the total cost of 30L ... I think that's a steal oh and is it so warm and toasty! You can also find earmuffs by VY that will match this set for an additional 10L. Yes and it's a lovely shade of Tardis blue! This outfit is designed more for the regular child shape (non mesh avatar body) or adult body. Now I was able to squeeze this onto my Tweeneedoo but please keep in mind that I did edit it my shape and I did mod my shape to fit it comfortable. Need help?, let me know! Otherwise let it snow let it snow.
Until Next time my darlings happy shoppings ^.^ LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW!!

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