Friday, September 9, 2016

Could It Be?

Could it be? Is it she? Sacre blue! It Penni!  Yes yes I am back. Why! How are you?! Whoa whoa slow down I'll  reveal much needed details in time. Since it has been 7 months since I last blogged. Looks at the date Holy COWS that long .... yikes! Well almost 7 months.... - makes a funny face -

 I am still adjusting myself back into my blogger routine. I will not be available on SL on a regular time schedule but I am easily available to you all via email! First off I would like you to know that I am GREAT! I mean I am doing just fine. The Real World had kidnap me but I have truly missed blogging for you all and am trying to sneak my way back into it. So my lovelies please just bare with me as I try to get everything on track. My sponsor list in a serious need of updating so please be aware there is a lot of caution tape all over the place until I have everything back on track.

Small post to start off my return. I was wanting to go with the whole "She's Back in Black" and sport some classy black outfit/dress look but than I saw this outfit and was like oh it's so cozy... wore it and said you know that whole She's Back in Black? yeah right out the window. Opps! But instead I have blue! Oh and green, pink, yellow oh oh oh yeah lots of colors like always. Totally went away from the black.....Oh I know black hair than I can least say did something black. Hence the look I have for you today! Also just wanted to say saw the movie Suicide Squad, so had to share a song with you from the movie....half tempted to do a Harley look but that will be for another day. Enjoy the song and read on dears!

Hair :: HEADDESK :: Cinda Fatpack - Must Haves Hud
Head :: CATWA :: Jessica
Eyes :: [Buzz] :: Duo Eyes - Spirit
Ears :: MANDALA :: Steking Ears
Body :: MAITREYA :: Lara
Hands & Feet :: SLINK
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Black Lace Polish (Fat) @ Cosmopolitan

Outfit :: FACEPALM :: Indian Summer

Armlet :: OXIDE :: Aztlan Armlet - Silver Moon * RARE 
Circlet :: Krystal :: Misty - Platinum - Emerald

Calas Galadhon Park Sims

** NOTE **
Cosmopolitan Anniversary round - Aug 28th - Sept 10th 2016

Please be aware the reason Buzz is not linked is because they are no longer available. I like my readers to know where everything I blog is obtainable from even if the vendor is no longer on the market.

 FACEPALM's Outfit is a complete set which includes the following : Halter with 10 colors available, top is mesh and fit my Maitreya body nicely! Jeans that are applier (non mesh) which apply to Maitreya, Bella and Omega. I do have to warn you the jeans do umm show some crack. So for those ladies that don't do crack...might look into another pair. Flip flops that come in 3 colors, these shoes come with a Maitreya, Bella and Slink size. Heart Necklace & (Bracelet & Hoop Earrings not in the photo). Of course a keeper. IF you don't normally follow me know that I never blog something I wouldn't wear in public or recommend.

 HEADDESK's hair has 8 different hair packs. The color shade I did use is a blackish pigment and can be found in the "Must Haves" pack. Clearly because black tends to be a must.

OXIDE's original mesh armlet is a gatcha item, it has 3 rares and 8 commons which are different color metals. All armlets have a right and left separately available (Modifiable). Only the rares have the moon pendant. This item was released in March/April but I remembered it and wanted to add it with this outfit seem to fit in well.

ZOZ! how I have missed my nail polishes! Now if you haven't heard about ZOZ well I forgive you this time but please do make yourself aware of this lovely designer. She always does such a great selection of color and designs. This nail polish set has 9 colors to choose from. If you note the photos below I do show you a few colors available. Now reason I don't link ZOZ in the credits is because this item is ONLY available at Cosmopolitan so please make your way over there. IF you want to check out ZOZ's other items be sure to follow this ZOZ!

Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings!
P.S. Glad to be back

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