Thursday, April 30, 2015

Her Majesty - Mother

Tomorrow is May 1st so it's time to start planning for Mother's Day! You heard me mothers day is coming. Here is an excellent gift idea! Perfect for any Queen of the household. Or Gentlemen for your lovely wife, fiance or girlfriend here's a cute gift idea! Something comfortable and well I mean it's labeled "Her Majesty" so yup you clearly are addressing her properly. Who are we kidding this is great to boost any woman's ego. So hurry up and get it gifted wrapped and send it on it's way! Ahaha. And ladies.... you don't need anyone to get you this go ahead get it yourself. I mean maybe people will take a hint and realize just who the boss is! Whoever it maybe getting this robe please do enjoy it. As for my song today. It goes out to family and of course MOMS!
* Appearance *
Hair :: Truth :: Harmony -  browns
Mesh Head :: #TheMeshProject :: Head(f) - Fierce
Mesh Body :: #TheMeshProject :: Anime (Modded)
Skin For Mesh Head :: Glam Affair :: Artemis - Theshops - Jamaica

* Apparel *
Outfit :: +Facepalm+ :: Her Majesty's Busy

** Note **
New skin for my mesh head! I am enjoying it very much. My cheeks glow and lips sparkle - blows you all a kiss - 
Facepalm's outfit is for regular default bodies but let me tell you I was able to fit my The Mesh Project body into it after modding my shape a bit. This outfit also comes with the choice of black or white slippers. And Just because we love our Majesty so much we are throwing in a complimentary black coffee mug for your morning coffee drinking sessions! I mean wow what a deal a free coffee mug! Well it's not free it comes with the outfit but tell me it didn't sound more interesting when we were giving it to you for free - laughs a little - With that all said until next time my lovelies Happy Shoppings! ^.^ 

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