Thursday, April 16, 2015

Super Babies in Jammies!

SUPER BABIES TO SAVE THE DAY! In our jammies of course. So in this post these outfits are unisex and once again mainly for you boys!!!! Ewww gross but somebody has to show them boys that us girls not only look pretty in girl clothes we can make boy clothes look awesome too!
So superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr short post because it's all about these JAMMIES! 
Let me talk a little bit about our Designer. A's Design is a new designer and he obviously makes boy clothes but you ladies can totally rock out these outfits. I personally like how he gave these capes a lovely shine to them. So they have that glossy look instead of just plain fabric. These items can be found at Kreepy Kawaii Event. Due to my busy schedule I wasn't able to get you this information out sooner! But please hurry before the event is over. Tomorrow is the last day for the event. So break you piggy banks and get yourself an outfit. Especially you boys!!!! You stinkers always saying all the cool clothes are for the girlssss! Well pfff!~ This outfit right here is all for you cootie faces. So for our song, I think these people are soooo funny but it's not good for those without a sense of humor - giggles - I GOT THE MOVES LIKE BATMAN! 
* Outfits *
Jammies One :: A's Design :: Little Hero's PJ's MARS BABY @ Kreepy Kawaii Event
Jammies Two :: A's Design :: Little Hero's PJ's ALICE BABY @ Kreepy Kawaii Event
Jammies Three :: A's Design :: Little Hero's PJ's BATS BABY @ Kreepy Kawaii Event
Jammies Four :: A's Design :: Little Hero's PJ's JACK BABY @ Kreepy Kawaii Event

* NOTE * 
Remember kiddes last time you can get these outfits @ Kreepy Kawaii Event is April 17th 2015! So go get yours and groove like batman... - giggles - you have to listen to the song to know what I'm talking about! Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings! ^.^

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