Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cheer Your Color

Where the cheers at cheers at! Ok... for all the little cheerleaders of SL here is one just for you! There are 3 colors available so be sure to pick your color and cheer on! Now these outfits are a gacha item. The best part is if you win the RARE you get a custom outfit! There are also pants available for those non skirt wearing kind of cheerleaders! Personally I like the green and blue ones best... Though the green almost looks tealish to me so that might just be the winner! So get you cheer outfits ready for Football season. Or just get them to cheer on your loved ones or maybes just  maybes get it for cheering. This is one of the many great items over at Allergic To Pink which this months theme is CALLING ALL SPORTS! Found a cheer-leading song - gasps a little - Now listen hear this song isn't a very friendly/nice one... be warned. I just found it silly.
* Apparel / Poses *
Outfits :: { S&S } :: My Cheer Gacha @ Allergic To Pink
Cheer pomp Blue
Cheer pomp Green
Cheer pomp Red
Cheer tenny shoes Blue
Cheer tenny shoes Green
Cheer tenny shoes Red
My Cheer Poses - Uncommon # 1, 3 & 4

* Note *
Sugar & Spice's did a lovely job with the outfits and oooo exciting if you get the RARE
There are four poses available to collect also. The main picture has 3 out of the 4 poses! I know all the cheerleaders of SL would love there own custom outfit so go try get yours hurry. This event is ending soon! There will be more posts soon...!! IF there is ever anything you see in a post that I don't link never hesitate to send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Sometimes I do multiple posts in one day and don't want to repeat myself or my main focus is on particular items. No I not lazy... it's just hot out, okies!!! I also just wanted to say... You aren't ugly.. You're BEAUTIFUL!! BEAUTIFULLLL TOOOO MEEEEE!! Until next time kiddos happy on shoppings! ^.^

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