Monday, February 1, 2016

February Oh Boo!

Oh my goodness it's already February!! I'm so sorry I took to many naps in January but I'll be blogging through nap times now! So you might see cute me sleeping as we blog a post! Everybody knows February is suppose to be the month of loves. Where you give candies and tells special peoples you loves them. So why do we just celebrate it at great lengths this time of the year? I don't knows so let's just be nice and not do so much mushy mushy. Because it shouldn't just be this time of the year it should be everyday! So tonight I went into the attic to watch the stars. There was a spare mattress on the floor and a comfy chair to watch the stars. I don't thinks I'll get to see many stars my eyes are already getting heavy. * Yawns * Quick go gets your things before I pass out..... ZzZzZ... (opps to late~)
* Appearance *
Hair :: LOVE SOUL :: Hair*121*Bitter Brown
Mesh Head :: *CB* :: Baby Mesh Head - Balloon
Mesh Eyes :: [Buzz] :: Celestial Eyes - Hazel
Mesh Ears :: *Cute Bytes* :: Bubbly Pierced Ears 
Mesh Body :: *Cute Bytes*:: ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl 
Skin :: {LD} :: Ava Skin Freckles Mesh Head

* Apparel *
Outfit :: {.:Little Stars.:} :: Kitten Jammies

* Accessories / Decor *
Furniture / Decor :: Toiz :: white bedroom set @ shinyshabby
(White Chair, White Bed, Mirror, Dressing table, Straighter, Creams, Bedtable, Light &  White Attic * RARE

** Note **
More photos below of course!
Little Stars's has 4 pajama outfits out. Of course I picked the one with the kitten! Now now excuse little Penni but she needs to go get some beauty sleep.
Toiz another skybox wonder for the collection. This skybox was not made for little kids. Little Penni just so happened to be blogging it with her outfit.
Be sure to go grab your items while you can because if you snooze you lose!
Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings ^.^

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