Sunday, February 7, 2016

Going Downtown

Well here we are again in my closet! Heard about a new event and well this outfit was from there. Kinda of a Boho feel. I adored this color too! I'd say its a maroon color maybe? Not sure, all I know is I like it and it was a perfect Sunday wear. There is another layer that goes over this dress. It's a lacy layer which you will see down below. Personally I preferred it without the extra layer but for you lace lovers this might be a keeper for you! Have another good song for you! I've been exploring the music world and finding new artists that I enjoy. This song definitely is mellow. Perfect for Mellow Penelo! To be honest I have NO idea what she is trying to express but I don't know why it calmed me. I'll probably listen it to a billion more times before I truly understand what Hayley is saying. Perhaps you can relate to her more than myself. If so enjoy!
* Appearance *
Hair :: Olive ::  the Beth Hair :: Brunettes 
Mesh Head :: Catwa :: Jessica
Mesh Eyes :: [Buzz] :: Celestial Eyes - Hazel
Mesh Body :: Maitreya :: Mesh Body - Lara
Mesh Hands and Feet :: Slink
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Angel Heart Gold (4 applier)

* Apparel *
Outfit :: Flippant :: Downtown Dress @ Swank *

* Note * 
Flippant is in a new event called Swank. Unfortunately I don't have the event information. But! Please feel free to check in on this post again. I will have it updated once I get the landmarks and dates. As I stated above I love this outfit without the top layer but it looks great even with the top layer. As you see the layers can be different color. There are 4 colors to choose from. 
{ZOZ}'s nail polish was originally at Cosmopolitan. I did showcase last month the white tips so just wanted to share the gold tip.   
Short post for today. Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings ! ^.^
* Addendum *
Swank Event Location

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