Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bite Me Cupid

Bite me! Noooooo wait don't bite me - runs flailing - Just for todays I ams cupids. I so pretteh with my bows in my hairs. Maybe meh helps you find love? - Grins - Fall in love with my outfit that is of course - giggles - I know you didn't think I was going to find yous a boyfriends or maybes a girlfriend... But maybe with this outfits you cans help some one makes a love connection... Or maybes you just wants to look cutes. I knows I felts pretty! Oh oh oh and I got a boogie! No no no not a boogie in my nosey but actually boogie dance! I know some people sick of this song but.... I just hads to do use it! Even us kids can do the CUPID SHUFFLE !! LET'S GO  - wiggles her tush  points down - Keep on reading and listen this song with meh :3 longsssssss post!

* Appearance *
Hair :: D!va :: Bambi Type B - Brown diamond
Mesh Body :: Cute Bytes :: ~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.8)
Eyes :: ID :: Portrait Eyes - Blue
Ears :: Cute Bytes :: Bubbly Pierced Ears
Nail Polish :: Buglets :: Be Mine Nails Hud (TD Body) @ Hello Beautiful

* Apparel *
Complete Outfit :: Buglets :: TD Princess of Hearts @ Fit for a Princess
(Bow/Arrow, Hair Bows, Necklace, Bracelet, Dress, Shirt layer, Sock layer and shoes)
Backpack :: TTT :: Cutie Packs - Cupid Backpack *RARE @Woodlands Event 30L a play
Tongue w/heart :: TTT :: Candy Hate Hearts - Bite Me *RARE Bro I Gatcha 30L a play

** NOTE **
Bro I Gatcha Event runs from February 2nd -23rd 2015
Hello Beautiful Event runs from February 1st -24th 2015
IMPORTANT there are two events with Candy Heart Gachas!! One is with hate hearts and the other is your normal candy hearts. So please be sure to go to the right event for the ones you are looking for. There are more photos below with close ups. Any questions feel free to send me an IM or email.
Buglets Nail polish has six shades as you can see on the hud (that is the actual hud that will be on your screen). The Candy Hearts and Hate Hearts by Tic Tot Toe have three rares and nine commons Total of twenty two hearts to collect. The great thing about these hearts is they aren't just for kids! So all you big folks can use them too! Come on you know you want to!
Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings and happy gacha-ing! ^.^ 
* Accesorries / Decor *
Backpack :: TTT :: Cutie Packs - Puppy @ Woodlands Event
Backpack :: TTT :: Cutie Packs -Shark @ Woodlands Event
Backpack :: TTT :: Cutie Packs - Dino @ Woodlands Event
Backpack :: TTT :: Cutie Packs - Mouse (reminds me of the pokemon Marill) @ Woodlands Event
Backpack :: TTT :: Cutie Packs - Bear @ Woodlands Event
Backpack :: TTT :: Cutie Packs - Panda @ Woodlands Event
Backpack :: TTT :: Cutie Packs - Devil * RARE Woodlands Event
Backpack :: TTT :: Cutie Packs - Piggy @ Woodlands Event
Backpack :: TTT :: Cutie Packs - Angel *RARE Woodlands Event

 * Above Bro I Gatcha *
TTT :: Candy Hate Hearts - Loser *RARE @ Bro I Gatcha
TTT :: Candy Hate Hearts - Love Stinks @ Bro I Gatcha
TTT :: Candy Hate Hearts - Hate You *RAREBro I Gatcha
TTT :: Candy Hate Hearts - You Stink @ Bro I Gatcha

* Below Hello Beautiful *
TTT :: Candy Hearts - # 1 Sis @ Hello Beautiful
TTT :: Candy Hearts - Be Mine *RARE @ Hello Beautiful
TTT :: Candy Hearts - Kiss Me *RARE Hello Beautiful
TTT :: Candy Hearts - XOXO @ Hello Beautiful
TTT :: Candy Hearts - Love You *RARE Hello Beautiful

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