Thursday, February 19, 2015

Works Hard

Gurls don't like boys girls like cats and moneys! Boys will laugh at girls cause we're soo funnehs... Cause we smart and we bright cause we pink and we right! Gurls don't like boys girls like cats and moneys! If you don't know what that's a parody of well I'm not going to tell you! Nah nah! Ooooo I am glad to say I have a new designer to bring into my family. Not only does she do women's fashion she also does toddleedoo. Yay!!!! Now excuses me I gots to go work for my money... She works hards for her money! So hards for its honey!~
 * Toddler Appearance *
Hair :: Magika :: Little - Brown
Mesh Head :: *CB* :: Baby Mesh Head Balloon
Mesh Body :: Cute Bytes :: ~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl
Eyes :: ID :: Portrait Eyes - Mint
Ears :: Cute Bytes :: Bubbly Pierced Ears
Nail Polish :: Buglets :: Be Mine Nails Hud (TD Body) 

* Toddler Apparel *
Headband :: Magika :: [Headband] Group Gift
Outfit :: Little Stars :: Don't like Boys TD Outfit (Mouth and Head Money included)

* Accessories / Decor * 
Dresser :: Toiz :: Cabinet (Cloud) @ Creepy Kawaii Fair
Bird Food :: [TTT] :: Bird Seed - Freebie
Bird/Bird Cage/Bird Accessories :: [ free bird ] :: My Pet Budgie Cage - Coral
Attachable Pet :: Birdy :: Chibi Kitty - Ginge @ Creepy Kawaii Fair
Attachable Pet :: Half-Deer :: Tiny Teacup Giraffe - Seafoam @ Creepy Kawaii Fair

** Note ** 
Toiz currently does not have a main store. 
The bird food from Tic Tot Toe is only decor but its free!
Oh my goodness! So the birdies come in lots of colors. The toys and accessories are sold separately. Currently if you join the group you get a free Mardi Gras bird which you see below. His little friend next to him is a Valentine bird which you can get out of a gacha machine. They don't require food to maintain. So much more on the way! Sorry been having a rough week but there will be more posts soon! Until next time my lovelies happy shopping ! ^.^

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