Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kawaii Sugar Rush

KA - WII!!!!!! So many!!! SO MANY CUTE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - FLAILS - Today is the first day of the Woodland Event. So many pretty things. Today's I'm showing off Buglet's Gacha items. Tasting the rainbow KA-WII!!! I am going to wear these items for a week! Well I'll take it off to wash and maybe blog some more awesome stuff but than BACK INTO IT I GO. Oh the pretty colors. So jump into your racing cars. Come get a sugar rush with me! S-U-G-A-R jump into your racing car! SUGAR RUSH! Come on ~ Let's GO!!!!  If you want to sing along here's the song. Long post so less yapping - giggles -
* Appearance * 
Hair :: [LOVE SOUL] :: Hair*145*Bitter Brown
Mesh Head :: *CB* :: Baby Mesh Head #2 - BETULL
Skin :: LD Store - Children's Boutique :: Ava Skin Freckles
Eyes :: ID :: Portrait Eyes - Blue
Ears ::  *CB* :: Bubbly Pierced Ears
Mesh Body :: *CB* :: ToddleeDoo :: BabyGirl
Nail Polish :: Kyia's :: Blue Kawaii Nails Hud (ToddleeDoo) @Woodlands Event

* Apparel *
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Gacha @ Woodlands Event
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Hairbows
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Headband
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Glasses
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Necklace
~*Buglets*~TD Kawaii Romper (Baby)
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Undershirt HUD
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Bracelet 
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Lolli
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Phone
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Purse
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Tights HUD
~*Buglets*~ TD Kawaii Leg Warmer 
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Kawaii Princess Skate
* Accessories / Decor *
*Paper Flowers* ~Afternoon Tea Belle: Fleur Cake *RARE
.*Paper Flowers*. ~Afternoon Tea Belle: Table & Chairs *RARE
.*Paper Flowers*. ~Afternoon Tea Belle:Strawberry Biscuits
*Paper Flowers* ~Afternoon Tea Belle: Teacup Blue
.*Paper Flowers*. ~Afternoon Tea Belle:Chocolate CUPcake
.*Paper Flowers*.  ~Afternoon Tea Belle:Vanilla CUPcake
*Paper Flowers* ~Afternoon Tea Belle: Teacup Pink
*Paper Flowers* ~Afternoon Tea Belle: Strawberry Cakes
*Paper Flowers* ~Afternoon Tea Belle: Macaroon Box
.*Paper Flowers*. ~Afternoon Tea Belle:Side Cart
.*Paper Flowers*. ~Afternoon Tea Belle:Cart Teacups
.*Paper Flowers*. ~Afternoon Tea Belle:Teapot & Sugarpot
.*Paper Flowers*. ~Afternoon Tea Belle:Doughnuts
*Paper Flowers* ~Afternoon Tea Belle: Plates
*Paper Flowers* ~Afternoon Tea Belle: Triple Treats Cakes
*Paper Flowers* ~Afternoon Tea Belle: Cakepops

** Note ** 
The Paper Flower items are all Gacha items but are not part of the Woodlands event. They are available at the main store Paper Flowers Store. I have a few extras if you are looking for one of these items. Hit me up in IM (Penelo Faith)
:: My Extras ::
Flower Cookies, Side Cart, Cakepops, Flower Cookies, Fleur Cake *RARE,  Table & Chairs *RARE
I feel so pretteh!!! -goes back to singing sugar rush- Until next time lovelies Happy Gacha-ing ^.^ 

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