Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Little Valentines

 Roses are Red, Tardis are blue, I can't solve my darn rubric cube... how about you? Well well well what do we have her? A romantic little date I see? What could be so special about it?
What's up you say? Can you believe these outfits are going to be sold for 50L only for Thifty Thursday! But you must grab them before prices go up. Now both outfits come in both short overalls and long overalls. The girls get shoes and bows... and boys well you get your shoes. What can I say us ladies have to accessorize even as little ladies. 
Now I don't knows about you but I am not very Valentine's Day friendly. - shifty eyes -  I think it's a very silly holiday but because so many of you enjoy it so much I will def be posting some Valentines day outfits for all those whom love to celebrate this holiday.  Just remember Valentines Day isn't just for couples. Your Valentine can be you best friend or a family member. Most importantly don't wait on just this day to share your love, share it all 365 days a year. I might be Anti-Valentines but heck I'm sure I can have some fun with the outfits! Perhaps might even do a Anti Valentines day outfit  
-sticks her tongue out - Guess you will have to wait and see!
 * Apearance *
Hair :: [LOVE SOUL] :: Hair*145*Bitter Brown
Mesh Head :: *CB* :: Baby Mesh Head #2 - BETULL
Skin :: LD Store - Children's Boutique :: Ava Skin Freckles
Eyes :: ID :: Portrait Eyes - Blue
Ears ::  *CB* :: Bubbly Pierced Ears
Mesh Body :: *CB* :: ToddleeDoo :: BabyGirl 

* Girl's Apparel * 
Outfit :: {D&D} :: ToddleeDoo: Love Block Overalls 50L Thifty Thursday

* Boy's Apparel *
Outfit :: {D&D} :: ToddleeDoo: Monster Love Overalls 50L Thifty Thursday
Bracelets :: [HD] :: Mesh Love, Peace, Hope Bracelets 50L Thifty Thursday

* Accessories / Decor * 
Rubic Cube :: [TTT] :: Typing Rube Cube (only visible when avatar is typing) 
Wall Decor :: Frogstar :: Metal Kraken (Blue) @ The Fantasy Collective
Wall Decor 2 :: Frogstar :: I Took an Arrow Wall Decor (Silver) @ We <3 Role Play
Dog :: Alchemy/Birdy :: Chi Chi Chihuahua - *RARE
Dog 2 :: Alchemy/Birdy :: Chi Chi Chihuahua - Spike - Spot
Table Pose :: .click. :: Soda Sharing (Table and chairs included) 
Plant :: AF :: Potted Plant (Exotic)

** Note ** 
IMPORTANT Thifty Thursday items will only be marked 50L for (1/29/15) than they go up to regular price. If you want more information on my Little Valentine Boy be sure to check Jax's Blog :: Out of the Tardis
Remember both Boys and Girls come with long and short versions of pants. 
Frogstar's Metal Kraken comes in 4 colors and the Arrows are available in 3 different colors. Since each arrow is separate you can come up with your own wild designs. 
Sorry there wasn't any song today. But have no fear the next posts I'll be sure to give you some mushy love dove songs 
Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings ^.^ 

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