Thursday, January 1, 2015


Ok so this is going to be a bit of a mushy post. I wanted to take the time to thank all my followers, my sponsors, family and friends whom have helped me be where I am today. Beauty and the Dork has been an incredible journey and I have made my one year mark. I have always done my best to have fun no matter what I post. There were times I was discouraged and wanted to give up. I am glad that I didn't because I have learned a lot and have had so much fun. I set six goals for myself  at the beginning of this journey, some goals a bit more out of reach than others but I over exceeded 3 of my goals and my other 3 goals I was really close to achieving. I am content with what I have accomplished. Started off with just women's fashion and home decor than expanded to adding male and toodleedoo fashion. No songs today just extra loving!

* Sponsors *
I am thankful to all my sponsors. I remember when I actually had a few sponsors whom approached me and were like "Hey could you blog for me?" I swear I cried so happily. I couldn't believe there were such talented designers whom wanted me to represent them. <3 You know who you are and thank you for reaching out to me. You have no idea how truly special you made me feel. Thank you to all my sponsors whom gave me the opportunity to represent you, out all the billions of bloggers you guys approved my application. Thank you to my sponsors who have journey with me a year, to those whom have had to take a leave of SL, and to those whom have just joined my family. I am honored to represent each and every single one of you and I look forward to a whole new year with you all! 
:: Frogstar ::The Hellish Diva :: Posh Pixels :: Rowena's Designs :: Lumiere :: Bluprintz :: 
:: Crow :: ZOZ :: TOIZ :: UTNG :: B Barbie Designs :: K-PieD ::

* Family, Followers & Friends *
You guys are awesome! Thank you for all your support, your views, your likes, your stars, your compliments and for making this so much more worthwhile! I blog for fun but when there are people whom really love my posts and look forward to see what my sponsors and I have up our sleeves it just makes it so much more worth it! I look forward to another year of making you smile and making you break your piggy banks :X  hehehe not sorry! I have the best support system ever!
* Appearance *
Hair :: Truth :: Edith
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Neva - Jamaica
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Mesh Hands and Feet :: Slink  
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Reindeer Natural White Polish (Slink hands) @ Frost Dec 14th - Jan 3rd

* Apparel *
Mesh Coat :: {ZOZ} :: Blue Leather/Fur Jacket @ Frost Dec 14th - Jan 3rd
Necklace :: Lumiere :: Cones Necklace
Mesh Jeans :: Lumiere :: Highwaist Jeans - Hard wash
Shoes ::{RS} ::  Carmela Heels (Slink High)
Umbrella :: Lumiere :: Umbrella Shades of Grey (two colors) 49L

** Note **
I also wanted to thank the person who helped me get started on this journey. I always looked up to them and was always seeking for their approval. Sometimes they gave me hell. Sometimes they made me feel like nothing I ever did was good enough. Some advice given I followed some I didn't but I can honestly say I learned a lot. Even though I blog for fun, I want to improve myself, I want to be a better blogger, take better photos and show off my designer's creation as best as I can. In the end things took a very sad and unexpected turn. Like all little birds, eventually you have to leave the nest. Regardless if you fall out or you jump out you have to fly on your own or you'll fall. I knew how to fly it was inside of me all along. But thank you for showing me the way. I will never forget that...ever. (Gosh I'm such a mush I'm crying ... -laughs-) 
My Sponsors, Friends, Family and followers here's to another year! Hold on it's going to be a wild ride! Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings! ^.^ 

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