Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cerulean City

Now some of you might be asking Cerulean City? Well clearly you aren't a poke-a-nerd! So I was putting my outfit together when suddenly I am told I look like a sexier version of Misty.... Well I don't know if I look like Misty but I thought it is a funny comparison (yes yes I don't know if I'm sexy either but I was more concerned about not looking like Misty!!!). So the truth must come out...yes, I'm secretly Misty all grown up with a bit of a more feminine touch! Let's just hope Brock doesn't get any ideas, I have a plan if he gets any ideas I'll just use water gun :x don't get it??? no worries wasn't that funny anyway! So for tonight song! Classic pokemon melody before game boy even had color.- laughs a little - Gosh this is so old..... No I'm not that old... but sure is making remember some good days. Now excuse me going to take a ride on my Lapras and head off on my next journey! Cause I got to catch them all! 
* Appearance *
Hair :: Clawtooth :: Lady Lulu - Prize 6
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Neva - Jamaica - 04 E
Shape :: Penelo Faith :: N/A
Slink Hands and Feet :: Slink
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Celestial Swirl Polish Huds  (Slink) @ Suicide Dollz

* Apparel *
Dress :: [FLRN] :: Sally Top & Skirt
Shoes :: {ZOZ} ::  Audra Sandal Velvet White (slink high) @ Dark Style Fair

** Note **
Dark Style Fair May 1st - June 1st 2015
Suicide Dollz April 26th - May 9th 2015
{ZOZ} Nail polish has shades and the shoes come in 4 colors Black, Pink, Red and White. 
[FLRN] has many combinations to choose from. If you look at the photo below you can see a few ideas of what you can come up with. My favorite of course was the blue and yellow combination. 
Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings ^.^ 

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