Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day Spa - Mud Bath

Today's was a goods Mother's Day buts I has one more gift for my Mommy. So before Mommy goes to bed I gives her one last surprise. I works verys hards and I gets Jaxy to helps me and we fills the pool with dirts. We didn't need to add waters because it was already full of water. After we were done we jumped around for a bit and the waters and dirts get mushy and we makes mud! Now Mommy can do that spa thing she always talks about we just needs some tomatoes for her eyes! So happy mothers days to all the mommys! If you wants to make your mommy happy toos you gets this pool for you mommy. She will cries so much when she sees whats you dids for her. She will runs around not knowing wheres to start. Thans she will chase you for big hugs....she might try gives you a bath cause she so happys but laters when you not lookings she will be in the pools. - nods nods - Makes sure to bring her favorite toys too just throw it ins the pool. Jaxy broughts his plane ands I brings my teddy bear.. Maybe bring your mommys phone or her favorites shoes. I dunnos what ever is your mommys favorite thing! I leave this song for all yous people who love mud!! Now I needs to go get my mommys so Happy Mothers Day's to everybodies!
* Little Boy *
Outfit :: Stray Kitties :: Mud Fun Sharkey Top, Shorts & Muddy body @ Allergic To Pink
Toy :: Stray Kitties :: Toy plane @ Allergic To Pink
Pool :: Stray Kitties :: Mud Fun Pool @ Allergic To Pink

* Little Girl *
Hair :: [Love Soul ] :: Hair*114*Mocha 
Mesh Head ::*CB* :: Baby Mesh Head  - Balloon
Ears ::  *CB* :: Bubbly Pierced Ears
Eyes :: ID :: Portrait Eyes - Blue
Mesh Body :: *CB* :: ToddleeDoo :: BabyGirl
Skin :: LD Store - Children's Boutique :: Ava Skin Freckles
Outfit :: Stray Kitties :: Mud Fun Sharky Swim Suit & Muddy Body @ Allergic To Pink
Toy :: Stray Kitties :: Muddy Teddy toy @ Allergic To Pink
Pool :: Stray Kitties :: Mud Fun Pool @ Allergic To Pink

** Note ** 
If you want more details on the little boy be sure to check out his blog! Out Of The Tardis
The supers cutes thing about this mud tub is you can slide down the slide! If you look below you can see Jaxy sliding down to the bottom weeeeee! Until next time kiddies happy shoppings and mud on! ^.^

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