Sunday, March 29, 2015

Egg Bunny

 Super super super short post today! So I was looking for my other bunny thing I have but I still can't find. What I did find was what this. My Gma made this outfit and I wanted to show it off. When you walk your feet leave little pink footprint particles. So you can be hopping away leaving a track to all the eggs you hiding away for Easter! ^.^ Love you Gramma Cloudy! Kisses thank you for letting me be your little bunny!
* Apparel * 
Outfit :: NRs! :: Lil Bunny White
Includes Easter Basket, Carrot and Bunny Whiskers. 

** Note **
There are other colors available so be sure to check it out. 
Until next time kiddies Happy Shopping! ^.^

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