Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Four Leaf Clovers

Happy St. Patty's Day! Now for today I have a very good deal for you all! But let us start off with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROWENA'S DESIGN! This month marks her one year anniversary. Wooo! To celebrate she is having a special hunt on her sim with 5 outfits available from Rowena and 5 other items from Precious! I don't know about you but FREE gifts? Oh my gosh. I have featured 3 of the 5 Rowena outfits you can hunt down. Now the fourth outfit I have been saving for St. Patrick's. As always her outfits come with a hud so you can can change the colors of your shoes and your dresses. Don't know this guy don't know this song but I do know awesome violin music and well we needed an Irish Jig.... Least I think it's an Irish jig - looks a bit confused - Heck what does it matter let's dance! Woo!
* Appearance * 
Hair One :: Ploom ::Yuki - Browns
Hair Two and Four :: MOON :: Essentials - Dream Weaver
Hair Three :: Truth :: Fleur -  browns 
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Mokatana - Jamaica  1 & 4 
Hands and Feet :: Slink
Shape Design :: Penelo Faith ::NA
Eye Shadow :: The Hellish Diva :: Dropped Flick 
Nail Polish :: {ZOZ} :: Butterfly - Color Huds - (Slink) @ Cosmopolitan 

* Apparel One * 
Dress :: {RS} :: Isabella Blouse & Skirt 
Shoes :: {RS} :: Isabella Heels High (Slink) 

* Apparel Two *
Dress :: {RS} :: Ednah Blouse & Skirt * Hunt Item
Shoes :: {RS} :: Jessica Heels High (Slink)
Necklace :: OXI ::Rule My Heart - Gold
Bracelet :: OXI :: Wavy Stacked - Silver

* Apparel Three *
Dress :: {RS} :: Asami Dress * Hunt Item
Shoes :: {RS} :: Jessica Heels High (Slink) 
Bracelet :: OXI :: Wavy Stacked - Silver

* Apparel Four *
Dress :: {RS} :: Saira Gown * Hunt Item
Shoes :: {RS} :: Saira Heels High (Slink)* Hunt Item
Necklace :: OXI ::Rule My Heart - Gold
Bracelet :: OXI :: Wavy Stacked - Gold 

* Note * 
 Cosmopolitan  - March 15th - 28th
Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rowena Designs! You have until the end of the month to get these great deals so don't delay. All you have to find are the butterflies, simple enough right? All outfits do have other color options so even after the holidays you can still mix it up. 
Of course more photos below be sure to check them out. 
OXI's bracelets come in three tones (gold, gunmetal and silver) and the necklace has a hud to change not only the gem color (4 colors available) but the pattern (4 patterns available) on the front of the heart. One of the patterns is actually words which say "It Beats For You" - feels her heart melt - So beautiful. Felt like it fit in well with that forth outfit. Normally I'm not a red head but... mmm I was enjoying it for a bit - giggles - 
The Hellish Diva's Eyeshadow comes in 6 colors and 1 tintable version so you can make your own shade or colors.
ZOZ's nail polish has two different sets one with colors (9 colors) and another with neutral tones such as beige. If you didn't know ZOZ's has updated her huds so that now you only need 1 hud to update both hands and feet! One more thing if you didn't know yet Slink has updated all her products so be sure to get your updates. With all that said hope you all had a great St. Patrick's day and continue to rock out your greens until the end of the month but don't let the end of March keep you from wearing green. Any questions feel free to send me an email. Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings - continues to dance her jig hehe - ^.^   

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