Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Ice Cream Fairy

 You wants to be the tooth fairys PFFFFFFT you goes right ahead cause Ima be the ice cream fairy. Oooooo mmmhmmm be jellys! I even got's the cheery on tops. - points to her adorable little headband-  SO nah nah nah nah! 
So I couldn't help buts to sings this all to you cause you're my honey bunch sugar plum pumpie umpy umpkin... You're my sweetie pie.. you're my cuppy cake gum drop snookum snookums. You're the apple of my eye. And I love you so and I want you to know. That I'll always be right here. And I love to sing sweet songs for you because you are so dear! Don't knows what I am talkings about? -laughs- listen to the song below! Now for all of you whom have a sweet tooth you need this dress... Let's not forgets about that sweet ride :O  yes it is drive-able. - Le gasp -
* Apparel *
Hair :: Magika :: Little - Brown
Mesh Head :: *CB* :: Baby Mesh Head  - Betull
Skin :: LD Store - Children's Boutique :: Ava Skin Freckles
Eyes :: ID :: Portrait Eyes - Blue
Ears ::  *CB* :: Bubbly Pierced Ears
Mesh Body :: *CB* :: ToddleeDoo :: BabyGirl
Nail Polish :: Buglets :: TD Ice Cream Fairy *RARE The Woodlands

* Apparel * 
Outfit :: Buglets :: TD Ice Cream Fairy [Sherbert] @ The Woodlands
Outfit :: Buglets :: TD Ice Cream Fairy Headband @ The Woodlands
Outfit :: Buglets :: TD Ice Cream Fairy Wand *RARE The Woodlands

* Accessories/Decor *
Car :: TheKiddoShop :: CandyMobile *RARE @ The Woodlands

** NOTE ** 
 So with the 1st of March brings many events. The first post goes to Buglets and The Woodlands Event. The last photo is by Buglets and lists all the items available. I personally love rainbow color. So I used all of the sherbert items. All the items are gacha items. But that car...... made me think of Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope's car of candy.... yess I know it doesn't look no wear near the same but hey it was my first thought! Now why the cupcake song? Well even though I am a ball of ice cream - laughs a little - Everyone kept calling me a cup cake.... so that was just decided! Granted it made me look so round.... Buglets why... why must you make me so CUTE! - giggles - First week is going to be a busy one! Happy GACHA -ings! ^.^ 

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