Friday, March 6, 2015

Mad Hatter?

Mad hatters? I think not! We don't have a hat obsession we are just trying to find the right fit! This one's tall this one's short, this ones scary this one's funny....wait a min is this even a hat? Tries it on her head... Oh yes it works ^.^ -giggles- So with so many hats so little time. One perfect for everyone! So go get yours today! I didn't feel like signings so I thought of an pretty Alice in Wonderland song ^.^ A good song for when you all try your very own hats!
* Appearance *
Hair :: Love Soul :: Hair 147 - Bitter Brown
Mesh Head :: *CB* :: Baby Mesh Head  - Balloon
Skin :: LD Store - Children's Boutique :: Ava Skin Freckles
Eyes :: ID :: Portrait Eyes - Blue
Ears ::  *CB* :: Bubbly Pierced Ears
Mesh Body :: *CB* :: ToddleeDoo :: BabyGirl

* Apparel *
Shirt :: [Tic Tot Toe] :: Weirdo 2 Tee
Shorts :: Little Closet :: Light Wash Denim Shorts
Socks :: Little Stars :: Rainbow socks * Group Gift
Bracelet :: [Hectik Designs] :: Mesh Friendship Wristband (girl)
Cape :: {Lost Illusions} :: Rainbow Cape @ The Woodlands 
Purse :: K-Pie Designs :: Carry Along- Rainbow *RARE @ Luck of the Irish Gacha
Wand :: [Tic Tot Toe] - Magician Wand @ The Woodlands 
Hat :: Boomerang :: 9 Lives Hat @ The Woodlands 

* Accessories / Decor *
Hat :: Boomerang :: Patty Hat @ The Woodlands 
Hat :: Boomerang :: Magicians Hat *RARE The Woodlands 
Hat :: Boomerang :: Captured Soul Hat @ The Woodlands 
Hat :: Boomerang :: Brass Tacks Hat @ The Woodlands 
Hat :: Boomerang ::  Mad Hat @ The Woodlands 
Decor:: Boomerang ::  Hat Stand @ The Woodlands 
Decor ::[ free bird ] :: Flamingo Croquet Mallet - Pink *RARE
Decor :: [ free bird ] :: [ free bird ] Flamingo Croquet Mallet - Purple
Decor :: [ free bird ] :: [ free bird ] Flamingo Croquet Stand w/ Balls - *RARE
Decor :: [ free bird ] :: Wonderland Collection Picture - Entirely Bonkers

** Notes **
Luck of the Irish Gacha will be opening in 3 more days!!!! (March. 10 - 31, 2015)
Oh my goodness that was a lot of hats!! Now Luck of the Irish will be opening soon so be ready for that! K-Pie Designs has some adorable purses up for grabs. My favorite of course is the rainbow but there are others up for grabs!
If you want more information on the little mad hatter who I call Mr. Fix It check out his blog for more details and for all your boyish needs -giggles- :: Out of the Tardis :: The Doctor Is In
I did promise more wands from Tic Tot Toe! So here's my magician wand perfect for anyone who wants to pull a rabbit out of ....a hat? -giggles- clearly we had plenty to choose from in this post! I'm not weird .... I'm just extra special ^.^ 

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