Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sisterly Love

To introduce you to my newest sponsor Facepalm. It's time not only to put the spotlight on Facepalm but I felt kind of mushy today. So this post goes out to my sister. Kimberly has been a great support system to me in SL. We have traveled the virtual world together in various forms. I do think this is our last stop. What I mean by that is she's my sister and I think we will be stuck like that for some time, well I guess kind of forever and ever if she doesn't kill me for borrowing her shoes.... and her nail polish. I might have borrowed some of her hair clips. Hmmm oh yeah and .... wait let's not share that bit on the internet.  - Looks around making sure no one heard that last bit - So of course to honor my sister had to rock out this shirt.  Now that first picture you can't read what it says but I'll just tell you! "I LOVE MY SISTER even if she is crazy" 
I'll say it loud and proud. We both know she's crazy just letting you guys know for your own safety. Eye ball licking, nose picking, fart in your face kind of gal.... sorry gentlemen she's not single. This songs very soft spoken (not like my sister you know) no idea why I picked it but I picked it for you sister. Just don't start crying and wiping your boogers on me sooooo gross. Officially welcoming Facepalm to my family! woot woot ^.^
* Appearance * 
Hair :: Truth :: Delphine -  browns
Skin :: Glam Affair :: Mokatana - Jamaica 04 
Mesh Hands :: Slink
Shape Design :: Penelo Faith ::NA
Nail Polish:: {ZOZ} :: Polka Dot Black Tip (Slink) @ Suicide Dollz 

* Apparel * 
Outfit :: Facepalm :: Billie (Includes :: Shirt, Belt, Pants, Shoes and Earrings)

* Accessories / Decor *
Decor :: Frogstar :: Whimsy Garden Gate @ We <3 RP
Holdable Book :: {ZOZ}:: Zodiac Book - Leo @ Luck of the Irish 

** Note ** 
Luck of the Irish Gacha Event -  March 10 - 31st 2015
 Suicide Dollz Event March 1st to 15th 2015
Frogstar is taking over my land! She makes the cutest things for home and gardens. So this gate is the newest to my collection. If you see in the background have also a well/pond and a little cottage in the background also designed by her. If you want a better look at those items check out this post done by me :: Princess Frog
Now I have posted this polish before in a red color but here is another color choice!
I love those shoessssssssss I am not really a big fan of pink but they are so cute! So yeah this outfit is all about the sisterly love. Now if you love your sister as much as I love mine you should totally get this outfit and show her how crazy you really think she is... I mean how much you truly love her face.. even if her eye does that little eye twitching thing when she starts foaming at the mouth...... 
- Changes the topic as fast as she can - Oh and little Penni has some great new outfits to show you soon! Yours truly Ms. Dork! Until next time my lovelies happy shoppings! ^.^ 

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